Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

I am typing this from the lobby of the Sheraton Inn and Suites at The Plaza in Kansas City. I found a great deal on Travelocity and we have a gorgeous suite and are just a block away from The Plaza. This is my very first Christmas in a big city and I LOVE IT!!

Our drive started out dry, but windy. In Topeka we hit sleet, then rain that stayed with us to KC. We stopped at Cabelas, then went to the Crown Center where we had lunch. Then we came over to the hotel. We splurged and got Valet parking(it cost $5.00 more than self park)and had a bellhop bring our bags to the room. We are going to treat ourselves to room service tomorrow morning(another first for me!!!). After putting stuff away we opened a couple of presents-- PSP for TJ and a Harley purse and patch for me(last night he opened his cameras and I got a fluffy dog!!). Then we walked over to the Plaza in the freezing cold. It started to sleet.

We had dinner at the Kona Grill. I had Sushi :) When we came out the snow had already started. Blowing crazy snow!! I loved walking back through it even though it was icy :) TJ hated it. It was so pretty with all the lights of The Plaza lit up. It is truly a magical place to be at Christmas. This is my first actual white Christmas, too. I mean with it actually snowing. Last year there was still snow on the ground, but it wasn't snowing.

For the rest of the evening we are stayiong in and relaxing. TJ is going to play his PSP and I am going to take a warm bath with the bath products my friend gave me and then watch TV and maybe read or knit. Tomorrow we will laze around some more!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Kim said...

Cool! Now I know where you are. :) Have a good Christmas!