Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Messy, Busy Christmas

My house is still a mess, yet I made sure it got decorated!! I still have decorations in a box in the diningroom, too. It's just how I live :) The kitchen is clean, though(and decorated).

My livingroom loooks, well, lived in! I have plans to move some stuff out, but then I get distracted by something else.

Yesterday, as I posted, we got our real tree. I spent about an hour decorating it. I don't have a lot of ornaments. I don't use "filler" ornaments like plain balls, just ornaments that I have had or mean something to me. I may start, though, in the coming years, because I hear they make the tree more sparkly :) I will also be bringing ornaments back from California in August. Next year, however, as TJ will be deployed, I am going to have a "blue" Christmas and only have blue(and maybe white. And silver) decorations.

Today I went to the antique store and bought some stuff. I bought a few vintage ornaments for my aluminum tree. I ended up dropping and breaking one!! Luckily it was cheap and I had a matching one already safely on the tree. I saw a beautiful blue vintage tree topper I wanted for next year, but it was part of a display that was being sold for more than I wanted to pay just to get for that topper!! There is a lot of blue in the one I already have anyway. I also bought some vintage cards to hang up in my lower stairwell. There were 2 very humorous ones from the Dodson family farm near Wichita :)

I bought TJ's final present tonight. I also had it wrapped at the PX so he would not see me bring it in. I lost one of them, too. OOps!! I think it is somewhere in the car. i planned to wrap his family's stuff tonight, but I did not get to the post office on time to get a bigger box so I may not do them until tomorrow after I get a box. Then I will mail them Thursday. They will probably arrive late, but oh well. I think it is nice to get presents after Christmas, too.

TJ bought the last 2 presents for his family last night so I am now officially done with Christmas shopping!! Well, I need to get one more, BUT I will save that for Christmas Eve -- I like to join the madness and buy at least one thing on that day. I don't think TJ is done.

There are 2 presents that still need to be made. Scarves for the kiddos. I have started on the Miss K's. I need to have them done by next Wednesday at the latest. I have the family's gift done, but not the scarves for the kids. I rented movies today to watch while working. Unless I can find something good and Christmasy on TV. I think ABC Family will be showing A Very Brady Christmas on Thursday :) Wish I could find The Christmas Gift. There was also a new one on last year that I liked, but don't remember the name!! I am hoping to find it on TV this year. It was about a mom who wants the perfect Christmas and she finds out one of her kids is doing drugs, but thinks it is the other. She is a TV host and having a holiday special with her family and they get in a big fight on air. Anyone know it??? There is something on Lifetime later called A Family Holiday and I wonder if that is actually it.

I also need to make some ornaments for friends this week. I have the supplies, just need to put them together. I also wanted to bake, but I think I will start that Sunday and then continue Monday and Tuesday nights. Not sure what I am going to make beyond drop cookies. Probably sugar cookies with sprinkles. Not sure I am up to tackling Kolacky's this year.

Another thing I am starting to work on are cards for my mom's friends. I got the first of them for her yesterday. I have the ones she was planning to send and I send them with a note about her passing, a prayer card and program from the funeral. One that came yesterday, I was surprised that person was still alive!! LOL.

We have also started Secret Santas at work. So far I have gotten a plastic candy cane filled with Reese's PB Cups, a card and beautiful blue gloves :) I am excited to give mine her ornament tomorrow because I think it is just perfect for her :) I was very happy to have found it.

Well, that is what I have been doing for Christmas. What about everyone else???

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