Friday, December 4, 2009

My True Home

When I recently had to go back to California because of my mom's passing I referred to it as going home. I was born and raised in California and therefore considered it home. However, I had proclaimed many a time that I would never live there agin because it is too expensive and I cannot handle the earthquakes. But I always considered it home.

I was there for almost 3 weeks. I was able to visit quite a few of my favorite places between planning a funeral, dealing with going through stuff, and getting certain affairs in order. I got see and spend time with family. I ate at most of my favorite restaurants and fast food joints. I visited neighborhoods I had not seen in years. I fell in live with Whittier, my bithplace and hometown, all over again. I began to think that one day when TJ retires from the Army, maybe I would like to go back and live there.

Then I came back to Kansas. Prior to the visit to California I had been thinking that I would like to eventually settle right here, in Junction City. Even though I technically don't live there, I felt that my heart was there and I would like to one day become a resident. The nostalgia of being back in California overshadowed that.

However, today, I was reminded just where my heart lies and it is indeed in Junction City. It is the people of Junction City, most in particular, the people I work with. They are all beyond wonderful. They made me feel so welcomed to be back and missed. They made my heart happy during such a difficult time. I have received so much support from them. They are like family. I have always known this, but today I truly felt it.

I also felt once again, that Kansas is where I truly belong. I know our army life will take us away from here eventually, but I believe that it will also bring us back. My heart is here. I claim Kansas as my own now and it hurts me when I hear people insult it.

I now refer to Junction City as my adopted hometown and Whittier as my original hometown. I don't think I will ever tire of visiting Whittier and California, but I know again that I will never make my home there. I will make it in Kansas.

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Sharon said...

Today we went to the festival of trees here in Salt Lake. Every year hundreds of people donate decorated trees to be auctioned off. The proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. One of the trees I saw was titled, Christmas in Kansas and had sunflowers galore on it. Another was titled Christmas in Oz and had all things Oz on it. I saw those two trees and thought of you. I should have taken a picture of them. Just thought I would let you know I thought of you today. HUGS!!!