Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections and Realities(UPDATED)

2009 started out to be a good year. It was pretty uneventful up until June, except for meeting our dear friend, Sue, and her daughter. Then at the end of June we took a trip to New England for a wedding and sightseeing. July was pretty good and in August I started back at work. Then things started going wrong. Very wrong.

First we lost a very dear co-worker. To a heart attack. Then another coworker lost her brother. To a heart attack. Then my mom died. Of a heart attack.

On a better note, we spent a very nice Christmas in Kansas City. We were having a nice Christmas break.

But not for long. On Monday our hot water wasn't working. A guy came out and fixed it. Then 2 days later(yesterday), it was out again. Another guy came. This time it was just the pilot light. However, this guy decided that our house was just a little too messy for him and reported us to housing. The reason -- there was some cat poop on the floor and the house was rather messy. I was also in the middle of putting Christmas decorations away.

This has necessitated an inspection of our quarters. I feel incredibly humiliated and violated. We called for someone to come out to help us with a rather serious matter(no hot water) and they took it upon themselves to judge the way we were living. It makes me never want to ask for help again. It makes me feel that every time a worker enters my home they will be judging it and me. I feel that I can not trust them anymore. Which is sad because there are some great maintenance workers here. We have a dear friend who is one. He used to work our neighborhood and had been to our home a couple times to fix things while my home was in various states of disarray. Once he even had to fix the bathroom floor while I was sick and it smelled pretty bad in there!! The guy that came the other day saw my home in almost the same state as yesterday, even with dirty dishes piled in the sink(this time they were in the dishwasher already) and did not report us. So it could not have been as bad as the guy yesterday reported. I have been told not to worry about this. That they will just look, make suggestions of anything is really bad and then come back to see if we have fixed them.

However, I will be really careful about when I ask for help in fixing stuff and WHO I allow in this house or not.

Anyway, I am glad for 2010 starting because this year has really just gone downhill.

UPDATE: the inspection took less than 5 minutes, they said everything looked great and they have no concerns. Um, yeah, because all it needed was a good cleaning which we we had started doing yesterday!!!

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