Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's that time of year again. Or rather that end of the year again. or beginning depending on the date. Anyway, it is time for resolutions. Why do people make resolutions on New Year's? Is it because it represents a new beginning? How come christians don't make resolutions on Christmas then? Since Christ's birth represents a beginning. Or what about Easter resolutions? Or Spring resolutions -- after all, Spring is a time of rebirth. If my New Year resolutions don't work out then I will make some Spring resolutions then!!

My resolutions never last. I think lat year or the year before I gave up and said NO RESOLUTIONS!! This year I will attempt a couple again. Here they are in outline form...

I. Get healthy
A. Eat better
1. Re-read Naturally Thin and apply the principles and "rules" to my life
2. Make recipes from the cookbooks The SkinnyGirl Dish and Only The Finest
B. Lose weight(see above and below)
C. Exercise
1. Start with cleaning the house
2. Add walking around the block after work
3. Start going to gym
D. Rewards -- new healthy cookbooks and clothes

II. Keep My House Clean
A. Start with one room and maintain(no clutter) at least one week.
B. Gradually add in other rooms(while maintaining previous rooms)
C. Once maintaining start cleaning out and organizing.
D. Rewards -- new stuff for the house(like slipcovers for the couches) and possibly a once a month maid service.

I will see how long I can keep to these LOL!!! I am trying to start out easy.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Robyn,

You asked which Scriptures I was going to be reading. :) I want to read the whole New Testament, but I am starting with the Book of Hebrews, and then Romans.


Robyn :) said...

I am thinking about reading the New Testament, but we are studying the Old at church so I may just stick with that.