Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow and the Bad Decision

December 8, 2009

This picture was taken on the evening of Monday, December 7, 2009...

It is well known in Geary County that the Superintendent of Schools will not call for a snow day unless it is VERY BAD conditions. For some reason he is opposed to them. The reasons I have heard range from it being a funding issue(we don't get funding for snow days) to it being because some of the kids won't get a meal or taken care of as well at home(so he risks everyone else's lives and those kids' by making them travel in snow). I really don't know. But anyway, when the snow is like this it is understandable to not call for a snow day....

However, when it is like this in the morning you really need to consider it.

All of us were hoping last night that there would be enough snow to warrant a snow day. I believe that it isn't how much snow we get, but how it is snowing in those hours before school. Like a blizzard perhaps?. But you also have to take into consideration the conditions of the roads(including the fact that plowing in Junction City is not all that great), the predictions for the rest of the day(periods of heavy snow, very low temperatures), and what the surrounding areas are doing. When I turned on the TV this morning I really thought we had it with the closure of all other districts around us. Plus the blanket of 6 inch snow covering everything. Plus the forecasts for periods of heavy snow.

But no. Mr. W. thought it would be just fine for our district to have school. You can imagine the sentiment all of us felt. I thought maybe I was just being a baby and it wasn't as bad as I imagined. I seemed to get off post fairly well.

Then I got to Junction City. Oy. I slid 3 times. I made it to school and there was a car stuck in the parking lot. I parked and then worried that i would be stuck when trying to leave in the afternoon. I walked in and into the office and the principal and office ladies were completely surprised I came in(I've called out on snowy days before). Especially since I am from California and just spent close to 3 weeks there. I told them how I slid. I also did not look happy.

I listened to kids complain about having school and commiserated with them. I listened to how one teacher talked about hearing Mr. W. interviewed on the radio this morning and they asked him if he had been out on the roads and he said no, but his crews were and it was fine. Uh, yeah.

I started my day as usual. Was working in the library when an announcement over the loudspeaker asks me to come to the office. My principal said I should go home. She was worried about me driving back. She thought it would get worse. It was already starting to snow pretty big flakes and the forecast was not good. I asked her if she was sure. After all, I was already there. She explained that if they were shorthanded she would not want me to go, but they were fine. She wasn't making me go, but it was okay if I did. So I went. Slid 2 times on the way back and was thankful I left when I did.

Came home to find out that Mr. W. decided on an early dismissal(which is even worse for a district than a full snow day because now the parents have to come BACK to get the kids). It was for 1pm. He also cancelled school for tomorrow. THAT was a total shock. Not supposed to snow tomorrow.

But the high will be 7 and I think the issue then becomes ice. Plus all the snow we are getting tonight. I think if we had had a snow day in the first place today we probably wouldn't have one tomorrow, but now the guy has to save face and make up for it. Because it really was a bad decision.

I made the most of the day, though. I had the kiddos come over when they got out because their parents were still working. I had them maybe an hour or so when post decided to close so their parents came and got them(they work on post). I offered to take them tomorrow, too. It is an easy job. One plays video games and the other helps me out around the house!!

I finished my aluminum tree and got some other stuff put up in the livingroom. I got my cards done(with help). I started in on the diningroom(with help). Tomorrow I plan to finish decorations and have the kitchen clean. Maybe even get some laundry done.

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Carrie said...

Well I am just glad you made it to school and back okay. Those roads did NOT look clear enough for buses to travel on. :/ Not a good call.

Your trees are so pretty though!

Happy early holidays, Robyn! :)