Monday, December 28, 2009

Unexpected Purchase

Today TJ and I went to Manhattan. We wanted to look for an SD card for his new camera and the camcorder, plus go to Hobby Lobby and a few other places. We found the card okay. Then we had luck at Carlos O'Kelly. Next we headed over to Hobby Lobby and Hastings. HL Christmas stuff was 50% off so I got some blue stuff for next year. At Hastings I found a cookbook I was looking for.

Then we went to Best Buy.

We wanted to look at laptops to get an idea of what we want to get before TJ deploys. I want a small notebook(which includes a webcam!!), TJ wants a full size. Then we looked at PSP games. Then we stopped by the phones. I just wanted to see what was new for Sprint. Then I got the idea to ask the guy of he could check to se when we would be elgible for new phones. Turns out we had been since April.

We decided to get blackberries for $30.00 each with a new plan. The new plan included more minutes, unlimited texting AND internet!!! Oh yeah. It is not too much more than we pay now. Plus we are leaning towards getting Sprint wireless for our home internet which would save us a little from what we have now as we are paying for a phone line we do not use. I think the difference in price works out the same.

TJ got a boring gray one, but I got a "red" one, but it looks more like cranberry(like my car!!) so I am calling it my CRANBERRY!! LOL

So we are slowly moving up the electronics ladder. Can't afford anything else right now!!


suzanne pena said...

i like that! cranberry is much better than crackberry. some people at work refer to theirs as crackberries. don't like it.

Robyn :) said...

i hear it called that too because it is so addictive!!