Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Nice Christmas Day

I must say, this is the most relaxing Christmas day I can ever remember having. Before I go on, though, I want to say if anyone is feeling stressed today or not sure what to be thankful for, please read Jen's blog for a little perspective. I hope she does not mind that I am posting a link, but she certainly had a harrowing Christmas Eve into early Christmas day. I am so thankful she and her husband are okay.

Okay, back to my Christmas day. I slept in till about 8:30 am. About an hour later we ordered room service for breakfast. While waiting we opened the presents from my aunt and uncle, plus 2 Santa had brought TJ(a case for his new PSP and a generic Rubik's cube). TJ got 2 very nice sports shirts and I got a nice sweater and a house coat. Awhile later our breakfast came. I had a belgium waffle with strawberries and TJ had oatmeal. I would order that next time because they made it the way i like it -- THICK. After that we just lounged around. TJ in the sitting area watching Deadliest Catch and The Pacifier, me in the bedroom watching Christmas episodes of old sitcoms. We snacked on leftovers and Hickory Farms for lunch and then I took a 3 hour nap!!

We decided to brave the cold and snow to go out for dinner and walked a couple blocks to McCormick and Schmick's. They were pretty much full, but had seating in the bar area. I think that is the best room in the place!! It was round and had windows all around so when it got be snowing pretty good it felt like we were in a snowglobe!! We had a very nice waiter and a delicious dinner. I had blue crab soup and a steamed seafood plate with mussels, clams, shrimp and a small lobster tail, in a garlic wine broth. TJ had a seafood pasta dish. Also interesting to note, TJ had Coke and when he was due for a refill, one of the bartenders brought him a small skinny glass and a small bottle. The next refill came in a regular glass. The waiter explained that he had some other people to take care of, but wanted to make sure TJ got his refill quickly so he asked the bartender to give him one of those!! The reason the bottle is small is because that is what they use for the alcoholic beverages because they are guaranteed not to be flat. If they were to use the fountain and it happened to be flat they would have to remake the drink and waste the expensive alcohol!! For dessert we had a "chocolate bag" which is a bag made out of chocolate filled with vanilla mousse and strawberries inside. It is surrounded by rasberry sauce with rasberries, blueberries and blackberries. The wiater sticks a knife in the bag too to crack the bag so we could eat it!! It was awesome.

After braving the cold back to the hotel I took a nice bath with bath pearls(made my skin so soft!!), then washed my hair with their shampoo and conditioner. It was a Mandarin Mint and smelled so nice. I felt like I was at a spa.

I am kind of sad to leave tomorrow, though I know Scout is missing us. It has been so nice and relaxing here. A very nice Christmas, indeed.


Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas! I am so glad you had such a nice one. :) I think I'm going to steal a page out of your book, and take a long hot bath tomorrow. I slept today - after we got home, and had some toast (it was all I could handle) we went to sleep. LOL!

I don't mind the link back at all. You're a doll Robyn, one of the sweetest bloggers I know. :)

Robyn :) said...

Jen, I just got tears in my eyes reading that -- thank you so much. :)

Jennifer said...

:) Snowy hugs from Texas!

Kansas got hit too I hear. I think it *finally* snowed in Michigan - LOL!

Robyn :) said...

yes we had snow. We knew it was coming, though and got to KC before it hit.