Friday, January 8, 2010

An 80's Flashback

My cousin posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and tagged me as being in it....

My first thought was that I need to message her that she was mistaken and I wasn't in the picture, but I realized that the girl in the plaid was indeed me.

I have no recollection of taking this picture or even what the occasion was. My cousin identified it as "some party". As it has her friends I am thinking it was her birthday. By the way, she is the pretty one in the middle with the purple dress.

It has to be about 1984 or 1985, judging by the clothing and my cousin's friends. They were from her private school and she did not start going there until 1983. I do not think I had a cabbage patch kid until I was 9 or 10 so that would be '84 or ;85.

Apparently, though, I was very fashion forward as a kid

Just check out my 80's plaid. And my cool haircut. And , of course, my multicolored bangle bracelets. That is the clincher. I loved those bracelets. I had rubber ones, too.

I also had that very popeular 80's toy -- the Cabbage Patch Kid. However, my parents did not stand in long lines or battle other parents to get one. We waited for the craze to die down a bit. I distinctly remember the day I got my first one. There was a store in town called Consumers(it was like Service Merchandise, if you remember those). they had displays of their products and when you paid, the product came out on a conveyor belt. A few days before they had advertised having Cabbage Patch Kids. I wanted a Premie(they were the ones with bald heads) and they didn;t have those, but told us another day they were expecting them. On that day my dad called when I got home from school and they said they had them. So off we went.

I did not get to choose mine. They told them in the back to send one out and it came(though I think I could have asked for a different if I did not like it)out on the conveyor belt!! I immediately liked her because she had blue eyes and a pink outfit(I think we also specified a girl). Her "birth" name was Rosie Rita, which I did not like, so I changed it. I called her Susie Lynn. I also almost started crying when I got her because I was so happy. I remember another shopper in the store admiring her as well. Anyway, here you can see her in the picture

I am not quite sure why I am holding her up. Or why I chose to make bunny ears over my friend, Krissy's, head.

I am also not sure what is up with my crazy eyes

This is just one of the things I love about Facebook... people posting old photos with me in them that I did not know existed. No matter how goofy(or trendy!!) I look!!!

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