Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bachelor Bemusings

Anyone else watch the Bachelor?? It is one of several reality shows I watch. If you don't, this post probably won't make much sense, but I thought I would put some of my thoughts about this season out there.

If you would like a witty and entertaining recap of each episode please Go to Lincee's Blog. Hi-larious!!

Anyway, this season's bachelor, Jake, is hottttttt. I like his body, nice to look at. Like Jessie on Big Brother, but a lot less cocky and stupid. Jake rides a motorcycle, too, but wears an absurdly big helmet.

The theme this season -- On the Wings of Love(it's because he is a pilot, get it??) -- incredibly a corny.

The girls -- oh my. Well, I am rooting for Tenley. Even though she is a little too perky, she is definitely the nicest girl there (Miss Bachelorette Congeniality). And my cousin worked with her at Disneyland.

Most of the girls hate Vienna. Honestly, I am not really sure exactly what she did to piss them all off, but according to them she is mean, a daddy's girl, immature, too forward, etc. This is what several of them have told Jake. Or maybe all of them. Except Tenley. Seriously, she seems to be the only one who doesn't spend a inordinate amount of time sitting around talking trash about her. I don't think she likes her, but she keeps it to herself. Classy.

Several girls have expressed such disdain for Vienna that they claim that if Jake likes someone like her then they are not his type. But none of them have voluntarily left. Hypocrites. Except Tenley. She has never said such a thing. I don't think.

Ali is the ringleader of the girls who hate Vienna. She seemed sweet at first and a good match for Jake, but now she wastes more energy talking trash about and to Vienna and complaining that Vienna is still there that I think she is more concerned with Vienna getting further ahead in the game than actually making a connection with Jake. She even said this week that of Vienna gets a rose she will graciously accept a rose, too, but would have a talk with Jake that he never saw coming (assuming she gets a rose, too). Well, Vienna got a rose and so did Ali. Wonder if she will actually have that talk.

By the way, Vienna is a great name. So is Tenley.

The girls who got booted off this week were more upset that Vienna was staying than the fact that Jake didn't want them.

The other remainder of girls are unremarkable. To me, anyway.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


Sharon said...

Totally agree! Tenley is my favorite too! Such a sweetie. I used to like Alli, but she is getting on my nerves now. I liked Ella, sad shes gone. So glad bunny in the pot Michelle is gone. Not too crazy about Vienna, but I agree, what has she done, because they certainly aren't showing us, all they are showing is the girls bad mouthing her. Interesting season so far. what an upstanding guy he is to not keep the girls he knows he doesn't have a connection with, whether he has the rose to give or not.
Oh, and Lincee, cracks me up! Been reading her blog for years now. Love it!

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