Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work, Back to Life

I have enjoyed my 2 week break, but now it is time to go back to work. Luckily I like it so much that it is a joy to go back. Though I will miss dleeping in, my morning Gilmore Girls and having my hubby around all day. However, he has gone back to work, too so that part was over with.

And now my life as it will be for the next several months begins. Now TJ will be going out to the fields and out to the gunneries. These excursions require overnight trips ranging anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I missed all that the last time because we were not married yet and I was in Florida. I am not looking forward to it. I know deployment is worse, but in a way I feel like I am being cheated out of time we could be spending together before losing him for a year. But it is necessary training and practice the guys need to be safe and successful while deployed. So it is a Catch 22, so to say.

One of our close friends deployed at 2am New Years day. That's right -- 2 hours after the new year began!! That really sucked for him and his family. I also felt his leaving very deeply. He was in my husband's battalion and supposed to go in the fall like my husband, but he was chosen to go with the Commanding General to protect him when he journeys outside the base he will be at. That's an honor, but it took him away from his family sooner, so they did not have as much time to prepare. His wife is my best friend out here and I felt really bad for her. I understood what she was going through to a point. It also feels weird that her husband is not deployed at the same time as mine as they were last time. We do not get to share in the journey together this time(Just maybe a couple months that will overlap). On the flip side, my husband is here to help her with heavy work(though she is more than capable herself!!) and her husband will be here to help me(I am a wimp).

I had a dream that night that they called up TJ's company to deploy right away and we had like no warning and I suddenly found myself at a deployment ceremony with him getting in formation to leave. I could not stop crying. That will not happen in real life, but it was a rather upsetting dream.

For now I am going to enjoy him being home and work on getting myself healthier and mentally prepared for what lies ahead. It is going to be a very long 2 years coming up here.

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