Friday, January 15, 2010

The Bitter and the Sweet

Have you ever seen the movie Vanilla Sky? Jason Lee has a great line in the movie that goes something like "you have to experience the bitter to appreciate the sweet". You see, Tom Cruise's character was very charmed and he never really experienced anything bad, so his friend did not think he could really appreciate his charmed life until something bad happened. Which, of course, does.

In 2nd Nephi, chapter 2, in the Book of Mormon it talks about the same thing. That if Adam did not eat the apple then he and Eve would have remained in the Garden of Eden and not known sorrow or hardship and could, therefore, not really experience joy for they had nothing to compare it to. When I first read that I immediately thought -- Vanilla Sky!!

So, anyway, let me get to the point of this post, which is about twos. These last two days have marked milestones of two very different things that have to do with the number two. They were bitter and sweet.

Two months ago today my mom passed away. It seems longer. Seriously. I got a call today from the cemetery liasion confirming my address so they can send me the paperwork and bill to put my mom's information on the headstone, which is just basically the year of death. When my dad died she got a double grave and had the headstone made up with his info and hers, except, of course, the death date. So that's all we have to add.

That, of course, was the bitter.

As for the sweet, yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of when I started working at my awesome job. After working jobs I really did not care about and a couple I downright despised, I finally found what I am good at and love, which makes going everyday a joy. Most of it is due in part to the school I work for. I work with some of the nicest, talentedest and smartest, most supportive people I have ever known. It is like another family to me. I also love the kids I work with so much. So this was definitely a very sweet anniversary to mark and really made the bitterness of today a little easier to take.

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Kim said...

Sigh... That had to have been a depressing phone call. But, glad you work for a great school!