Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Hot Water Saga

A few weeks ago, after I came home from California and before Christmas, my hot water went out one day. I called housing and they put it in as an emergency and someone came out quickly and fixed it. said the pilot light went out and they reset it. After Christmas, before New Years it went out again. They put it in as a regular work order and a guy came out and said the pilot light was out and had to borrow a lighter to relight it. He also reported us to housing for having an unsanitary house because there was cat poop by the back door (he said it was everywhere)and my house was messy, partly from me being in the middle of putting Christmas stuff away(I also had stuff on the stairs to put away). You can read about that debacle HERE.

After that experience I never wanted to call maintenance again. However, Thursday night I went to take a bath and the water started out look warm and went to cold. I couldn't even take a shower. I ended up boiling water on the stove and taking a sponge bath. I did not want to call emergency maintenance because TJ was not home, it was late and the house was a little messy(no cat poop, though). I waited until Friday. I explained that twice I had people out here and I thought something was wrong with it.

It was put in as a regular work order and a guy soon came out. Different guy. Didn't even come through the house, he went around back. Came into our laundry room only. Said he relit the pilot light and replaced the coupler.

I did not attempt a shower or bath yesterday. I went to test the water this morning and it was COLD. Again. So I called emergency maintenance and a guy came out. He spent some extra time out there. said he relit the pilot again and to give it an hour.

I gave it over an hour. It came out ICY. The hot side also had incredibly low water pressure. By this time I was ready to report Housing to Jag or something for not getting the problem taken care of properly and my living in substandard housing. i mean, they expect us to take are of these homes and report us when we are not, so why shouldn;t I do the same to them for the same thing??? Anyway, I called housing this time(they were there). Tried to explain again that I thought something was wrong with the TANK. The girl called the on call manager and he said it takes about 4 hours for the tank to fill, but they would send someone out. Same guy came back, came to the door and said "so it didn't work? Give me 30 minutes and we will be back with a new tank for you".

FINALLY!!! Someone got it!!! He came back sooner than 30 minutes with another guy and they got it replaced.

So I guess the magic number for reporting something not working is 5.

It works now. Really good.


PixieDust said...

I would be so angry at all of them for taking so long! I was once without hot water for a day and it made me crazy! Glad they fixed it though :)

Robyn :) said...

what made me mad was that after about the 3rd time they didn't believe me that something was wrong with the tank itself!!