Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesson Learned -- No School/Work

We have a "snow" day today. It's not because it is snowing, though. It is because it snowed yesterday, but the temperatures dropped drastically turning the roads to sheets of ice. It is also dangerous to just be outside with the plummetting temperatures. So our district called for a day off.

This is very rare and I think only happened in light of last time's snow day debacle. Back when it was snowing pretty bad, called for more and no snow day was called. It forced an early dismissal among all the outrage and was such a big deal that a local TV Station did a story on it. We even ended up getting the next day off, for the same reason as today -- icy conditions.

I was hoping this would happen, not so much for having a day off(we just had 2 weeks, plus Monday)but so I would not have to drive. With just the snow starting yesterday I slid 3 times in town. I was particularly worried about today with having to take kids, even though my husband agreed to let me take the 4 wheel drive. But then late last night(well, 10, but it was later than everyone else) the announcement came in.

Just the day before I signed up for text alerts and I got that first. I knew what it was without looking because only my text app was lit up, instead of the text and email apps. I called our friends to let them know and offer to watch the kids. Then my friend, Mandy, forwarded me her text. Then I saw it come up on TV.

Since I have the kids today I didn't get to sleep in, BUT I do get to wear sweats and slippers all day!! I am going to be productive with my day and clean out as many closets as I can. I am also going to do a little baking AND make breakfast for lunch!!!

Tomorrow the high is going to be zero. Yes, 0. Again, I am hoping for a day off to avoid driving. If not, I hope they clear the roads better. But I am really happy with having today off!!

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