Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's Go Bigger

I already blogged a review/reflection/recap of the previous year, but how about I do the whole decade??? I got this idea from Starshine's blog and now my fabulous friend, Kim, has done the same thing, so it is my turn(I was planning this before she wrote hers so I am really not copying from her -- just Starshine!!)

Anyway, I started 2000 out with my friend, Lindsey and her dog. I lived in California, worked at St Joseph Heritage Healthcare as a clerk and was dating a guy who lived in Reno. We broke up that year, but remained friends until this day. I started dating another guy and also started working nights doing data entry at the same place. This is the year Big Brother started. That's all I remember.

2001 -- started this one out at the Stateline in Nevada with boyfriend of the time. I started working days at same place as a Claims Processor. 9/11 happened, I went to my college's homecoming and the unnofficial party at the Hilton for the first time, fell in love with the movie, Serendipity, and broke up with boyfriend.

2002 -- I bought a new car, which I still have(my cranberry red 3 door Saturn), took a trip to the East Coast, visiting Washington DC and NYC for the first times and decided after a trip to move to Florida. October also marked the start of a cruch on a guy I should not have gotten a crush on. I worked for the same place.

2003 -- Big year. I rang this one in in Las Vegas. I moved to Florida. But first I got into a messy relationship. I also got out of it. I also joined the Mormon Church. I had a temp job for a few months and at the very end of the year started working for The Home Depot in their national customer care department. Oh, and Arnold Schwarzenneger became the governor of California. Good times.

2004 -- The year of the hurricanes. 4 I experienced peripherally. Rode upside down rollercoastwers for the first time ever. Went back to school and got 2 cats. Pierced my ears for the second time in my life. I also met TJ at the beginning of this year

2005 -- Another pivotal year and the very beginning of a wonderful new journey. I started dating TJ this year. Then we got engaged. He also joined the army. My cousin got married. I also turned 30.

2006 -- another HUGE one. Okay, so, I changed positions at work and started selling floring and installations over the phone. This would be the SMALLEST change LOL. First half is a blur, but in July I got married. In August I moved here to Kansas. In October TJ deployed. In December I went back to California for the first time in 3 years. This was also the year I fed live alligators from only a few feet away. I also hit a pregnant deer. I also became friends with Mandy who is now one of my bestest friends.

2007 -- TJ was deployed most of this year. I made more amazing friends. I moved on Post. I adopted Scout. I got the flu really bad. I went to my first ever(and only so far) professional baseball game and had amazing seats. TJ came home and I took him home home to meet my mom and most of my family.

2008 -- Less eventful, but pivitol. I started my totally awesome wonderful job in January. TJ transferred to a much better unit. We were forced to move in September when they decided to tear down the buildings in our neighborhood(which did not happen for a year)to the house we live in now. We gained a bedroom, but it is small like the other 2. Our 2 bedrooms were more spacious. We gained a half-bath, too. Pink. Luckily we got great duplex mates!!

2009 -- just ended LOL. This one started out great and ended horribly. Anyway, I continued to work in the same place, made more new friends and travelled to New England for their wedding in June. I discovered an awesome cupcake place in Topeka. I joined Facebook. I made awesome blogging friends. Then a friend at work died of a heart attack. Then my mom died of the same thing in November. I went back to California and saw my family and Kim and visited some old familiar places, like Knott's and Disneyland. I also had a crisis of faith back in he Spring, but that has passed. We ended the year with a white Christmas in KC at a wonderful hotel(I highly recommend Sheraton -- expecially when you can find a great deal like we did!!)

It has been a crazy decade, hasn't it?


Kim said...

Yes it has, my friend. I'm trying to think of how I can sum up the last decade. How can you sum yours up?

Jessica said...

Wow! What a really neat idea. My mind started drifting to each year of mine. I think I'm going to copy you later, too. :)

Robyn :) said...

Life Changing