Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Bags Aren't Packed, But I'm Ready To Go

I bought airline tickets today for a trip to California in March. Just me. Hubby will be training here. It is not a visit for pleasure, though. it will be a working vacation.

The task at hand?

Cleaning out my mother's house. Or as much of it as I can.

On my last visit, which was for her funeral and to start getting her affairs in order, I did a little bit of cleaning out and setting aside what I wanted to take. On this visit I will be stepping up the process a bit. First, I will need to find a storage unit to keep the stuff I want until August when TJ can come out with me and drive a small U-Haul back. Then I will have to get the stuff(couple pieces of furniture, storage tubs of stuff) to the storage unit. What I don't want and is easily moveable will go into boxes and be taken daily to Goodwill. I am also considering ordering a dumpster for the stuff that needs to be thrown out. I think we will see how much we can put in the trash cans first. We may also be able to do half for one pick up day and the rest for the next. My cousin also hired a guy to clean out and take down her back storage room and he said he would give her a discount if she hired him again so we may enlist his help for like say, THE GARAGE.

I am also hoping to enlist the help of friends and family. I am coming in on a Friday and am hoping I can get most people together on the Saturday. Maybe some can come during the week, too. I also have several boxes of stuff set aside for people to go through if they want anything before it goes to Goodwill and will be offering anything in the house that I do not want to whomever wants it before it goes to Goodwill.

I am hoping to get a majority of this done so whatever repairs need to be made on the house can then commence. I want to be able to sell it by or during July(when I plan to make another trip). If the house just needs to be torn down and the land sold, I would like it to be cleared out so that can be done by or during July. I would rather not be there to see it, though.

I am not planning on working all 7 full days I will be there(it will be a total of 9, but 2 are travel days). One day I am going to Disneyland. I also do not much want to work on Sunday, but if that is a day when people are available I will.

I also have my daily plans which include a morning stop at Jamba Juice before I get to the house, lunch runs to Tony's Pizza and dinner at my favorite restaurants. And if it all gets done earlier than expected I may take my cousin and have a spa day somewhere!! I am trying to make this as painless as possible.

It is just one more step to getting everything in order in my new life without my mom.

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Ann said...

must be so hard cleaning your mum's things. So much memories.

When my dad died, all 8 of 9 siblings were together, and we sorted his things. Dad had moved between Australia and Malaysia, so he had very little for us to sort.