Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not So Much a Schedule

I have been known to try to make schedules for myself and then not follow them at all. The only time I do follow a schedule is at work because it is mandatory LOL. With my trying to get the house in order and get healthier I have been tempted to make schedules again, but I know I will not follow them. Instead I am going with a checklist strategy. A small list of things to get done each day, at any time. Here is how it looks now.

In the morning before work I make sure I eat breakfast(not on the way, not when I get there -- AT HOME). I also make hot herbal tea to take and then change it over to iced tea/water during the day. Of course I brush my teeth and hair. I may start doing makeuup regularly as well.

After work I come home and watch Gilmore Girls. That is the only thing on a schedule!!! I also use this time to play on the computer or clean up in the livingroom or bedroom(depends on where I am watching it). The other things I need to get done before bed are read scriptures(right now I am reading 9 pages a day in the Book of Mormon to meet a 60 day challenge :)), study(for inservice), laundry and make sure dishes are done. Plus make sure my room of the month is being kept up.

Every month I am choosing a room to focus on. I will make sure this room is reasonably clean everyday. I will work on getting it all organized as well. If I can keep it up for a month then I will reward myself with something related to that room.

This month's room is the kitchen, since that is the one that should be clean all the time!! Keeping it clean means making sure that the clean dry dishes are put away, the sink dishes are loaded into the dishwasher and the handwashed dishes are washed. The counters also have to be cleaned off(cleared, too, of whatever should not be there). Next week I am going to add sweeping the floor and then mopping. I have already organized the pantries and cupboards and the refrigerator, but not the freezer. I plan to work on that Saturday. The reward for this room will be a hand held blender.

By having a room of the month I am hoping to get into the habit of keeping that room clean beyond the month. My reward will be a maid when TJ deploys :) For the stuff I hate to clean. I can also work on other rooms or parts of them as the mood hits. Especially if all parts of the room of the month are done!!

I am also trying to read for pleasure everyday and take more baths, as opposed to showers, to help me relax.

We'll see how far I get with all these.


Kim said...

Sounds good. I see you incorporated flylady in there too!

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