Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions Underway

One good thing to come out of last week's home inspection debacle was that it jumped started my cleaning. Overall, the house is cleaner. Just a few little messes. And lots of clutter cleverly disguised and out of sight LOL.

Anyway, my first resolution of this year was to get my house clean and organized and keep it that way, one step at a time. Well, we ended up doing the cleaning almost all at once!! The next step was to pick a room and clean it and maintain it for at least one week(to make it habit). For this week I have chosen the kitchen. Since I plan to use it a lot. I have taken it a step further and organized my regular pantry. I want to take it even further and organize my food storage pantry(closet). I would also organize the cupboards and drawers, but they are pretty much organized or need organizational aids I do not have and do not want to buy at the moment :) So, I am going to work on keeping up with the dishes(into the dishwasher, unloaded, repeat), keeping the countertops clean as well as the floor.

The reward for keeping my kitchen clean for ONE MONTH is going to be a hand held blender.

As for my other resolution -- eating healthier -- it is slow going. I have bought some healthier food and have what I need for healthier meals. I am working on balancing what I eat this week. Unfortunately I had 2 cupcakes for breakfast this morning. At least they had all natural ingredients!!! LOL.

Is anyone else keeping up with their new resolutions?

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