Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Travel Bag Chronicles Continue

So, I decided today to go ahead and place a bid on the VINTAGE HOT PINK CARRY ON BAG SUITCASE ROYAL TRAVELER. It was the one I was leaning toward all along.

I still have strong feelings toward the Pan Am bag, but have some reservations. I would rather have something brighter, but I do like the shade of blue it is. It may be too small. And this particular one has a glue spot from where a tag was and that may bother me.

However, no one has placed a bid on it so maybe it will be relisted and I will revisit it if I do not get the hot pink bag(of which I am currently the only bidder).

If only everything in my life were as simple as choosing a bag for carry on travel.


Kim said...

Oh that's a nice bag! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink one too - I hope you get it!