Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Travelling in Style

As I was falling asleep last night I decided that I need a new carry on bag for airline travel. I have been using a large lime green Florida themed bag, but it is too big. It is hard to find stuff in it. And does not fit under the seat of the American Eagle plane I take to and from the Manhattan, Kansas airport to and from DFW. I tend to bring too much stuff in my carry on as well. Now that I have a larger suitcase, I do not need the extra bag space. If I make a trip where I do not need my large suitcase I have smaller ones on wheels.

Anyway, I have a couple drawstring backpacks I got free from a couple places, but they seem a little flimsy. So I decided to look around the internet for something. Tried Riley Yard Sales and Craigslist, but could not find what I wanted.

I wanted a pink bag!! I found one on Ebay. You can view it HERE. Now, I suspect this may be a little bigger than I was wanting, but it is a good price. I am just watching it for now, not bidding.

I also found this quilted pink one , but it is bigger than I wanted(and the shipping is kind of high).

There was also this fun bag. A little pricey, but free shipping.

Then there was this one. A bit more sportier than I was looking for.

I also decided to branch out a bit and looked under "vintage bags" where I found the first one. There I found a RED bag and a blue PanAm bag. I saw one just like it on Gilmore Girls :)

At this point I am undecided. I really like the first one, but wonder if it will be too big. Most likely I will not be able to fit anything under the seats of the AE plane(actually, I am not sure they will allow you to put ANYTHING under the single side seat. On the 2 side seat you have to share the space. For large carry-ons they make you leave it by the door and they put it in a special compartment). My thought is to have a small purse in side the carry-on with a book and my Ipod and some food(I will not be taking a lunch on the day I fly out, not sure how much time I will have at the airport, and also at DFW where I change planes). It is not a terribly long flight and I could probably play Brickbreaker on my CranBerry. Between DFW and LAX I can have a regular carry-on, stowed under the seat.

UPDATE: I called the airline and they said you can store something under the seat. So my purse idea works!!

What do you think? If you get a chance to click on the links, let me know which bags you like. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

love the blue pan am bag...hey DFW? That's my neck of the woods!


PixieDust said...

I personally like the pink polka dot fun bag, but then again I am a sucker for polka dots :) I can see why you have difficulty deciding, they all look great!

Robyn :) said...

Jen, I will be going thrugh there a lot. Our little munincipal airport out here has American Eagle which basically only flies to 3 cities, DFW being the main one and then you go to your destination. So, when I go to California and back I go through DFW!!

Kim said...

I like the pink polka dot bag also!