Friday, January 22, 2010

Tupperware with a Twist UPDATED

So, I was watching the Real Housewives of Orange County last night(one of my guilty pleasures) and the one girl was having a tupperware party. She said she wanted to do a Stepford Wives Old School Housewife thing(or something to that effect). I was a bit offended because I love tupperware and I love tupperware parties and they seemed to be making fun of the concept.

Then things took an unexpected twist.

The tupperware lady came downstairs.

It was a DRAG QUEEN!!!!!!!

I thought that was hilarious!!!! She was hilarious. Her name was Kay Sedia(Quesadilla). I posted on Facebook about it.

I then learned that she is a legitimate tupperware cosultant and, according to one of my friends, the top tupperware salesperson in Orange County.

Well, of course she is, who wouldn't want to have their Tupperware party done by a drag queen???????

If you would like to learn more about Kay Sedia you can visit her TupperWare website or her personal website

I seriously want to host a tupperware party with her when I am in California. I wonder how shocked my family would be. In all their years of buying and selling and hosting tupperware parties they have probably never seen something like this......

Photo courtesy of the internet.

UPDATE: Not only did I become a fan of Kay Sedia on Facebook, I also friend requested her. She wrote 2 notes on my wall, one asking about how far I was from Lindsborg, Kansas because she was making a movie there last December. Which means she actually looked at my info. I am just over the moon!!


Anonymous said...

I saw that last night too. It was so hilarious! I would love to host a Tupperware party with Quesadilla!

PixieDust said...

That is awesome! Always nice to get more Facebook friends :)

Megan Combs said...

I saw that episode also (and I watch everyone!) and I live in Orange County! :) He (she) has been around a while and the parties are very fun.
But...if you think that party would be fun you should try a Brown Bag Party! :) Now there's a twist on Tupperware :)