Friday, February 19, 2010

At Least I Am Not Alone

It was recently brought to my attention that for 34 years I have misunderstood the jingle for a used car dealer back in California. I was quite floored and felt a little stupid. However, I am not alone.

The jingle was for Worthington Ford and Worthington Dodge. It featured Cal Worthington. The commercial would start out by saying "It's Cal Worthington and his dog, Spot!" It was never a dog, though. It was something like a tiger or monkey or bird or something. According to Wikpedia he had a competitor who would introduce himself and his dog in his commercials so he was kinda making fun of him!

So, then the commercial would go on to the jingle of "If You're Happy and You know It". It went like this.....

"If you want a car or truck, Go See Cal...."

However, that is not what it sounded like. It sounded like he was saying "pussycow". I know that does not make any sense, but it really did sound like that. I thought pussycow was a term for the animals. Like maybe in the first animal commercial there was an animal named Pussycow and it just stuck. I thought it was kind of a weird song, BUT after you have heard it so much you just accept it and don't think about it too much.

Then, the other day, one of my Facebook friends posted that she joined the group "When I Was a Kid I thought Cal Worthington was saying 'pussycow', not 'Go See Cal'". It has over 50000 members.

So, you see, it was not just me. And Go See Cal makes a heck of a lot more sense. I just can't believe I did not know that until now.

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PixieDust said...

Lol I also tend to hear something different than the original meaning in something, which has led to countless misunderstandings in my life! :)