Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Challenge

I issued my husband a challenge. Though I didn't word it quite that way.

Today I bought tickets for us to go see a Valentine's day play in town. My friend and 1st grade teacher at my school, Jennifer, is directing and my principal and the other 1st grade teacher are in it. So I convinced my hubby to go with me even though it isn't really his thing. That is Sunday.

TJ signed us up for the HOG(our motorcycle gang) Valentine Party on Saturday night in Manhattan.

Friday, however, is free. I told him that he needs to plan something for us to do and surprise me. He seemed a little dubious, but whatever he plans will be fine because I won't know what it is!! Unless it involves hanging out with other people. Then I will not be too happy. But as long as it is just us I will like it :)

What are your Valentine's Day plans??

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PixieDust said...

Not sure we are going to go out this year, money has been a little tight this month :/ So basically I think we might go out for a coffee and get takeaways :)