Friday, February 5, 2010

Circling The Friday Photo Shootout

To participate go HERE. The topic this week is brought to you by Kerry. To see more entries from this week go HERE.

Now, for my entry........

I'm archiving it again. And these will be completely random.

First, we have my wreath from Christmas

And my prized colorwheel

Giant ornament at the Topeka Mall(which I was not supposed to take a picture of)

My famous European Kolacky cookies on a round serving plate

Wreath and Oz Museum sign in Wamego, KS (about 30 miles from where I live)

See if you can find all the round things in this picture of my kitchen!

Ceiling at McCormick and Schmick's restaurant at the Plaza in KC.


Giant wreath at Crown Center in KC


Corelle dishes I found at the thrift store

Randy's Donuts in Los Angeles, CA(in the morning)

Clock on Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

Wheels on an old motorcycle at a Harley shop in California

and, me as a ball(and chain)at Halloween

Hope you all enjoyed these!!


Sarah Lulu said...

A wonderful selection ...but your costume photo of the ball and chain was the best ...!

Jama said...

I like that restaurant's ceiling shot, so beautiful.

Chef E said...

Ha! I want a doughnut, but I might choke on it as I laughed out loud at your great costume! Love them all...

Kerry said...

Your ball and chain photo sure came in handy for this shoot out! I am amazed by the snow photo, where every flake looks round and I wonder why? Thanks for sharing!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Just fabulous Robyn. I really like the snow the best but your ball and chain costume is a hoot too. Love it.

Sharon said...

The snow, the sunset, the ceiling, all gorgeous! But I have to say, the ball and chain takes the cake! Too funny!

GingerV said...

I love the restaurant ceiling and the snow, are you sure that is snow and not frozen water, cause arent snow flakes flat with geometric shapes?
doen't really matter I love the photo.

SOL said...

Cute halloween costume!! Why weren't you supposed to take a picture of the christmas ball?

Robyn :) said...

Sol, they appaerently have a rule about taking pictures inside the mall. I took that and a security guard told me I can't take pictures inside. LOL

J9 said...

Love that last shot!

Jen said...

LOL - your costumes are hilarious!