Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Couch, a Coat, and a Woolly Mammoth

Let me just start by saying that I absolutely love Village West in Kansas City, KS. On the outskirts of KC, KS it is where you will find the Kansas Speedway(which hosts NASCAR in September), Great Wolf Lodge(an indoor water park), Cabelas, the Legends outdoor mall and Nebraska Furniture Mart. This is where we went today and it was one of the best shopping trips ever.

We headed out at 10am and made a pit stop in Topeka for cupcakes and a frosting shot at DaddyCakes . Then we headed out to Village West. First stop? Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Now, we have driven past this place plenty of times, but until I went to take a picture on my camera phone for my friend, Kim I did not realize how big. I remember accidentally turning into the parking lot of the one in Omaha and thinking it was the size of a small city. This one was almost as big.

If you have ever been to Ikea it was about double or maybe even triple the size of that. Like maybe the size of a small mall. It's huge. And has everything you can possibly imagine for a home. Furniture, accessories, flooring, lighting, large appliances, electronics, dishes, small appliances. When I need a new small appliance for the kitchen I am going here first as they had some cool retro looking stuff!!

We first scoped out the clearance center upstairs and found nothing(well I found a chair but TJ vetoed it. It was red). Then we went into the livingroom section and found a salesman. We told him what we were looking for and showed him our floor plan. He recommended a sofa as opposed to a sectional. He showed us 2 with our reclining specifications(the 2 that had the fold down middle). One was puffy looking with a massager and a pocket for remotes. We decided the puffyness did not go well with the cat(too tempting to stick claws in and may attract cat hair and keep it). The other was this(minus the throw pillows). No remote pocket but it has the tray and a massager!!! While TJ called his NCO for approval the salesman got my info into the computer. NCO approved and I got my ticket(that's how they do it there). The couch will be delivered on the 10th. Only $45.00 delivery fee -- pretty good coming all the way from KC! We also got it stain guarded. Next we looked exhaustively for a chair(as we still have money in the budget-- did you see the price on the couch???), but could not agree on anything(my taste is too funky for TJ). We casually looked for a shelved headboard for our bed but found nothing in our budget and size. Then we went back downstairs. We looked at area rugs and found one we agreed on(it even had red in it!!), but then TJ mentioned we should try to match it to the big picture we have in our livingroom

The colors anyway. I suggested it should be blue then(which is my preferred choice). We could not find anything. We walked around and came to the installed carpet section. I found a salesguy and asked if they would do carpet binding to make an area rug and they do!!! We then looked exhaustively for the right shade of blue and found 2 dark blue options, a dollar apart in price per square foot. We had the salesguy work up the price and we agreed it was good for the cheaper carpet. We get that in 3-4 weeks!!!

Next was a search for an office chair that will support TJ's back and double as an accent chair, but we did not find anything. We took a quick look at lighting and decor then checked out. Then we went to the small Sees Candy in the store.

Yes, Sees Candy!!!!! I believe it is the only one in the midwest.

We then headed over to the Legends mall to eat. We went to Stix where I had sushi. Adequately fortified, we did some shopping. I got 2 shirts and TJ got a pair of sneakers and jeans. Then we went to Dinosaur Cafe to Build-A Dino Workshop. I had seen something I wanted. We already have a dinosaur from there but now they had a ........

Wooly Mammoth!!!(the link shows him so much better). This is the first build an animal we have gotten that we have not put clothes on as he is an awkward size. His name is Shaggy La Brea so named because he is shaggy and after the famous La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles California. He is already at home with our other build-an-animals!!

Our last stop of the day was Cabelas(a giant outdoor store). While TJ was looking at guns I went over to the Bargain Cave and found the perfect red coat
It was half price because it was supposedly soiled, but I cannot find a soil mark anywhere!!

So, to recap, we found the perfect couch today, the perfect red coat, my dream carpet(which needs to be just a rug for now) and a wooly mammoth.

Have I metioned how much I love Village West???


Kim said...

Fun stuff!

PixieDust said...

Ooh that mammoth is so cute! And love the jacket. :)