Saturday, February 20, 2010

Couch Quest 2010

We have officially actively started our search for a new couch this weekend!! Last night we went to Midwest Furniture Gallery and Ashley Outlet in JC. Found absolutely nothing at Ashley, but a couple things at Midwest. Unfortunately they do not have a website I can refer to. One couch we liked was a light gray with a kind of retro feel. I can't remember the other thing we looked at. We can get free delivery from them and also they said they would give us a break on the prices :) I also saw a throw rug I liked and they discount those because people walk on them.

We learned, too, that microfiber is best with having a cat as it is easy to get cat hair off of it. I think he will be less likely to scratch on it, too, because there is NO texture!!

Today we looked at 3 stores in Topeka. The first was Slumberland. I thought it was just beds, bue someone explained they had everything and they do!! We found a couple things we liked there.

First is this sectional. At first I was kind of put off by the 2 tone, but we do have a lot of black in our livingroom and the grayish white withh work with any colors we want to add. We love that the end piece can be used on either end, depending on how we want to set up the livingroom. And the price is good.

The other thing we liked was a Dual Recliner Sofa. Not sure this was the exact one, though. It was a brown color whichwould not be my first choice but it was a good price and cofortable. Plus, the middle fold down with drink holders and a tray for putting food or magazines or books on. Loved that. We could also match this piece with another recliner.

The second place we went to was Discovery Furniture. We saw a couple double recliners there.

First was a very comfy Puffy curved sofa. I loved that it was slightly curved and it was soooooo comfy.

The other was a leather looking thing. I can't find it online. Oviously these stores will not do free delivery because we are an hour away. The one store charges $99. So we may want to go somehwre closer.

We still need to go to Manhtaan where there are several stores. We also need to decide WHEN we actually want to make the purchase and with what money. It would also be a good idea to get the room dimensions from housing so the stores know what we are working with.


Anonymous said...

Can I tell you my couch story? We got a new couch and matching loveseat. They (were) cream colored microfiber.

I cannot get the dog fur off the one I have left, and before Moonbeam ate the other one, I could't get the fur off it either.

Microfiber is a fur magnet. I have gone so far as to wash the loveseat with soap and water, and the fur doesn't come off.

That was my experience. When we get furniture (we currently have a trashed loveseat and two papasan chairs) we are going with leather - the fur will not stick to leather. Of course, Moonbeam thinks leather is a delicacy, so it'll be a while before I get a couch. LOL!

Robyn :) said...

My husband does not like leather :( I will tell him your story, though. I would like leather.

Treava said...

Hello Robyn,
I wanted to personally thank you for taking your time to shop at Slumberland Furniture. I hope your experience was a good one. I would be glad to assist you with any needs you may have. Give me a call and we see what we can do about your delivery fee.
Treava - Slumberland Furniture, Topeka - owner 785-271-7171

Robyn :) said...

Thank you Treava!!