Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Couch Quest Continues

Today we went searching in Manhattan. Manhattan is Northeast of us, bigger than Junction City. It has a mall. And lots of furniture stores. We went to 5 of them.

First up was Furniture Warehouse. Great prices. We found a reclining sofa we liked and I found a swivel chair. I told TJ that if I compromise and let him get a reclining sofa(as opposed to the sectional I want)the I should be able to get the swivel chair!! The couch was tan and the swivel chair was blue, but I would be getting the Merlot color when it comes in!!

Next up was Humble Abode. They are more retro vintage inspired. Funky stuff. I found a lot there, but TJ nothing. I would, however, go back and look for accents. Or maybe a chair. A little pricey, though.

Next we went to eat because I was hungry and getting cramps and needed food to take an 800mg ibuprofen. It worked wonders.

After we went to the Ashley Furniture Outlet. It was smaller than the one in JC, but we found a sectional there we liked. A brown color. It was curved, too, as apoosed to a right angle corner. Great price.

Next was Feldkamps, where we were helped by an older woman who happened to be the store owner. We found the best of both worlds there -- a reclining sectional!!! Brown. And a little over our budget.

Last was Faith Furniture. Here we found a reclining sofa, brownish, with the fold down middle. Awesome price. We could get the matching chair as well. We also looked at a reclining sectional with cupholders, but the reclining part was on the wrong side for our livingroom. It would not face the TV. We also found a black sectional with light colored cushions. We are leaning heavily towards the reclining sofa, but decided that we would look for a different, more sleeker chair as the couch is kind bulky and we would like to even it out. Perhaps at the Ashley Warehouse or Feldkamps or Furniture Warehouse. Or on post. Or I could try to convince TJ to get a cool red leather one we saw :)

We still need to go Nebraska Furniture Mart on Saturday. We'll see what they have to offer and then make a decision.

In other news, Scout went to the vet today. We went off post and I loved the place. When we walked in a black and white cat came to greet us and I think it calmed Scout down a little!! He was not happy to be in the carrier. The people were nice and the doctor was great. Scout got blood drawn for a test and 3 shots. He is going to have dental work done in April. He did really well, though.

What is everyone's weekend plans?

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