Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dreaming of Furniture

I am planning on buying furniture from Ikea from now on. I was never a big fan -- we had stores nearby in Southern California and I could take or leave what they had, but upon reading other blogs and seeing some examples of their furniture offerings I decided to check out their website see exactly what they had to offer.

It's exactly what I want. Retro looking stuff at reasonable prices. Not sure what my husband will think, though. I have already compromised on not getting a red couch(what I really want)so he can compromise on the style!! Anyway, I have my eye on this cute blue number. And maybe a matching chair.

I am also looking at lamps. I think I may give my hubby a heart attack with my following choices...

Orange puffy ball

White ball

Whatever this is

Red and extremely cheap.


They are cheap, too.

Just to give you an idea, my plan is for the couches and curtains in the room to be blue -- the main color -- and have red, yellow, and orange accent pieces. So far I pretty much have a good scattering of red accents. My plan was to get orange throw pillows, but a lamp would work, too. I have some yellow afghans to use on the couches and chair. I also have some prominent black in the room(entertainment center, end table bases, picture frames). Oh, and the colors all come from a picture I have in the livingroom. Right now I have black furniture. Covered in cat hair.

Any feedback on the lamps would be appreciated. I can get those soon. The sofa, however, may wait. We need to decide if we want to use our tax money or wait until TJ is deplyed and extra money comes in. In the meantime I can get blue slipcovers off of Ebay :)

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