Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting To Know Me

Thought I would talk about myself some more. If you are new maybe you will understand me a bit more, and if you have known me forever(KIM) maybe you will learn something new. I also encourage other bloggers to do this on their blog because I want to start a trend. And learn more about YOU.

Things I HATE....
1. Roly polies -- they freak me out
2. Deployment
3. Loud booming music
4. Kids screaming and crying on an airplane(and kicking the seat or being generally loud) and their parents not even TRYING to get them to stop.
5. Beets, creamed corn and rice pudding.
6. Mean drunks
7. Earthquakes
8. Throwing up
9. Rudeness
10. BAGPIPES(that actually should have been number 1, but I don't feel like renumbering them)

Things I LOVE.....
1. God
2. My life
3. My husband
4. My cat
5. My job
6. My family
7. My friends
8. Television
9. Chocolate
10. Sushi
11. Kansas
12. California
13. New York City
14. Travelling
15. Road trips
16. Snow
17. Summer rain
18. Cooking
19. Scrapbooking
20. Pizza
21. Rice Milk
22. Soda
23. Sleeping in
24. The color PINK
25. Driving
26. Flying when the flight is quiet and smooth
27. The fact that whenever I go anyplace in Junction City I usually see at least one person I know.
28. Baths
29. Flowers
30. Blogging
31. My bed
32. Carebears
33. Shotglasses(for display, not use)
34. Christmas
35. Halloween
36. Valentine's Day
37. My birthday
38. Fourth of July in Junction City
39. Live plays and musicals
40. Abba
41. Randy Travis
42. Richard Marx
43. Singing
44. My Blackberry Curve
45. Taking pictures
46. Cupcakes
47. Reading
48. The internet
49. Facebook
50. Dancing

Did you notice I came up with 5 times as many things I love than hate??? That's why I listed those second!

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Kim said...

Hehehe... I kept saying, "Uh huh. True. True."