Friday, February 19, 2010

No Ikea :(

Someone told me there was an ikea in Overland Park, Kansas, but there isn't. none in Kansas at all. None in Missouri. Or Nebraska. Or Oklahoma. And the lamps I found are not available online. Very sad.

As for the couch, TJ is requesting a sofa bed couch or a sectional with a recliner. So we have a lot of looking ahead of us.

Gonna check out Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Can anyone recommend an online site with interesting affordable lamps?


Anonymous said...

Don't know of an online lamp store, but there is an IKEA in McKinney, TX. I have driven by it - it exists! :)

Amanda said...

omg I thought there was one in overland park I have even looked it up before now I dont see it :0( That really sucks lol