Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Pleasure and the Pain of This Valentines Day Weekend

It has been one wacky weekend, let me tell you. And don't worry -- this post is not x-rated or even R. It may be a little PG depending on how strong your stomach is as I will be offering up some TMI just to give you the full effect. This is a long post, too.

Anyway, I will start out with Friday, the beginning of this LOVEly weekend. Friday is the day in which we celebrated Valentine's Day at school. It even overshadowed the fact that it was Abraham Lincoln's birthday, which I realize is not such a big deal to most people, or schools, but when your school is named after the 16th(?) president, it kind of is. We dedicated the day to the big V , though.

I always loved Valentine's day in elementary schopol because I loved the card exchanges. This is one of my many favorite things about working in an elementary school now. It takes me back. Also, when Mr.Ryan put on some old 80's hits for his classroom party it took me back. I was in elementary school in the 80's. We didn't have music at our parties, though. I gave valentine's to the students in the 3 classes I primarily work in(they just recently added a 4th, but only for a short time each day, so I only gave the teacher in that one a card) and I gave homemade cards to the teachers I work with(except Mr. Ryan. He got one of the Looney Toon Valentines because my homemade ones were too girly)and my fellow paras and a few poeple I gave candy filled decorated tins. I received a very nice glass from a friend, plus lots of cards. It is always interesting to see the different ways the kids think my last name is spelled. For the record, it is Schmidt, but only one card said that. The others were for Smit(2), Shmit, Schmit, and Smitch. It's a hard name.

After school I went home and watched Gilmore Girls and rested so my husband could take me out(did I mention I had a cold and think I took too much nasal spray?). I had challenged him to plan something as a surprise. He took me to HuHot as we had not been there in awhile. It was a good choice. I dressed special by wearing my hot pink silk shirt with jeans and my hot pink flats. I was disappointed, though, that the papertowel dispenser sensor in the bathroom was not working so I could not bow to it(as I normally do at HuHot). They did provide excellent music for bathroom rocking out though(they're bathroom makes we want to party).

We made an early night of it, though, as I felt like crap.

Saturday I slept all day. I literally did not get up until 5pm. And that was only because TJ and I had signed up to go to the HOG(his motorcycle gang's)Valentine Party at Bobby T's Bar and Grill in Manhattan. There, we were treated to the K-State game taking place literally down the road. They won. as i had not eaten all day I was ravenous. We had a chip and cheese dip appetizer, featuring red and green chips(this will figure in prominently later) and I had a steak dinner. I started to not feel so good. At first I thought it was gas. We had to leave early(we missed the raffle) because I was feeling pretty crappy. I figured I had ate too much or too fast. On the way home, though, I began to notice the pain was pretty much settled in the lower right of my back and I got a little worried. By the time we pulled in the driveway I was hurtin a lot. A trip to the bathroom did not relieve the pain and I began to suspect it may be a kidney stone. However, there was no blood in my urine(a sure sign). I was in excrutiating pain then and screaming at TJ to help me. I made it downstairs and outside, but the pain and panic took it's toll and I vomited all my dinner onto the lawn. And apparently they put a lot of red dye in those chips because it was pinkish red.

So then we headed to the hospital. I was a little worried as my friend, Amber, went there once with a kidney stone and they thought she was faking how much pain she was in. Sure enough,. they did not seem to believe me that my pain was a nine on a scale of 1-10(since I wasn't crazy screaming with pain. Yet). I was whimpering there in the waiting room and having a fit everytime someone got called in ahead of me(they say they take you in order of severity, but they don't). Finally the recpetionist asked me what was going on and I told her I was in A LOT of pain and she had the triage nurse(the same one whom I told my pain was a 9)come see me again. I was taken in soon after that. OH, I forgot to mention the urine sample debacle. Since I thought it was kidney pain, after I saw the triage nurse the first time they had me give a urine sample. However, barely anything came out as I went at home. One of the nurses at the desk had me dump it out since it wasn't enough(a nurse later seemed a bit perplexed that someone had asked me to do that). I think the fact that they had no sample was one of the reasons I was kept in the waiting room. i believe they were waiting for me to give another. Anyway, I got put in a room, but they would not give me anything until I saw a "provider", but water to make me pee. This required an IV. The rubber thing tied around my arm gave me new pain the concentrate on, but once the IV was in and going the pain in my side kicked up again. I literally started screaming that it hurt and they closed both the door on my side and the other side of the curtain(they never put anyone over there). I swear, I was carrying on like no one's business but it HURT. They kept telling me they couldn't do anything until they got a urine sample, but soeone finally took pity on me and got a doctor who allowed them to give me morphine and something else for nausea.

I have never had morphine. I was expecting Demoral, which I have had before, but morphine worked and FAST. Not on the pain, it worked slowly on that, but it made me feel all funny and foggy and either too tired to object to the pain or too good to care. Demoral kinda does the same thing, but with that I can't talk. I could talk with the morphine, but slowly. It slowly made me sleepy, too. I had a Cat scan. I peed and gave a sample. All the while in this foggy little slow world. I slept a bit. Next thing I knew they were bringing me discharge papers and meds to take home.

The diagnosis? UTI and Vaginitis. UTI???? I have never had UTI with such pain in my kidneys. Usually I don't even know I have UTI except I am in for something else that requires a urine sample and they find that. There was no stone in the scan, though. The urine was a bit dark, too(the nurse did comment upon that when he saw it). I am still surprised I had that much pain from a UTI. They sent me home with a pill for the vaginitis, Levaquin for the UTI and that p pill that makes your urine orange, but makes peeing less painful(never at anytime did that hurt, which is usally the thing that does). And for the pain.... my good friend, Percocet. That seems to be the thing here, for excrutiating pain(for non excrutiating you get 800 mg Ibruprofen). I have not had to take the Percocet. I have been pain free. Guess the Lavaquin is working.

We got home about 1 am and I ate the rest of the steak I took home so I could take the Levaquin. Slept fine the rest of the night thanks to the lingering effects of morphine.

We slept in this morning and missed church. There was an extra Moving Up on TV though and I got past all levels of Brickbreaker again on my Cranberry. By the afternoon I felt good enough to continue on with our Valentine plans of seeing a play in town at the Opera House, especially since I already had tickets. Oh, my dear friend, Amanda, brought by a little Valentine's Day treat bag of candy and handmade goodies.

I dressed for the day in my long pink skirt, pink flowered shirt, hot pink bead necklace, pink head band with scarf and hot pink flats. Before leaving I gave my husband his present of a bag of heart candy, a card and a Gabriel Iglesias DVD. In the car he gave me a glass rose. So beautiful and perfect.

It was windy and snowing when we left and the wind made the snow swirl on the road. It was magical. At the theatre we checked our coats. There was a guy in a tux passing out chocolates. You could buy a glass of champagne(we didn;t as we are Mormons). At intermission they had bags of heart cookies you could buy. Tj braved the cold to go out to the car to find a dollar so we could have some. And the play was wonderful. I have not been to a live play in years and this one was perfect. I knew 2 people in it plus the director. The actors were in the lobby afterwards so we could congratulate them. My principal, who was hilarious, said I looked like nice and like a Valentine in all my pink:). She also gave my husband a hug, which I thought was really nice. My school is really like a family.

When we left the Opera House the sun was shining, like the play had brought a little sunshine to the day. We then went to the new Italian place in town for an early dinner. It was very good. Then we stopped at the video store(I still call them video stores) and got a few movies. I wanted the Time Travellers wife but they were all out(a love story on Valentine's Day -- imagine that!). I did get My One and Only which has Chris Noth in it(love him)so that made up for it. I also got Bride Wars and Confessions of a Shopaholic. TJ chose Juno. Sometimes he really surprises me.

And that has been my wild and wacky, pleasureful and painful, Valentine weekend.


PixieDust said...

Ah what a busy weekend! Hope you are feeling better :)

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Robyn :) said...

Oh hey, cool!! Thanks Pixie!!