Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Search Continues

Tonight we went up to the furniture store on post(or over -- I think it is directly west of us!!) to look at their couches. Not a huge selection and did not find anything. However, we did see a headboard we liked and a desk!!! Filing it away for future reference. Like when our current desk completely breaks down. Headboard is not a necessity, but a luxury, though in our small bedroom it could take the place of the nightstand and that could give us slightly more room!! Our focus is on the couch right now, though. Maybe if we have some tax money left over we can consider those.

So far, TJ and I are leaning towards what we saw at Slumberland. Unfortunately his pick is the Reclining Sectional and mine is the Two Tone Sectional!!

I did recieve a nice comment on my previous Post from Treava at Slumberland(I believe she is the owner)thanking me for coming in and inviting me back to work with me :) I very much appreciated that and it does make me want to go back there.

However, we do want to cover all our bases around here. On Friday we are going to check out a few stores in Manhattan and on Saturday we are making the 2 hour trip out to Kansas City, KS(not crossing the border this time!) to look at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I think after that we will be able to come to a decision!

Of course, the most important thing we have to do first is get our taxes done and see what kind of budget we are working with!! We have an appointment tomorrow.

I did decide, though(and I think my husband is on board with this), that our recliner is still in good shape(except the back with pur cat uses as a scratching post) and we will use that for awhile more. This will eliminate the need for getting a new chair with the couch. Unless the budget allows for it. I think if we get the sectional we will not need a new chair at all(but we will probably still keep our recliner!!), but with the reclining sofa an extra chair is pretty much needed. A matching one would be nice, but not necessary.

Now, as for the pros and cons concerning the sectional versus reclining sofa. Sectional gives us more seating and I like the design and feel of it better. Plus I can probably accessorize it with some colorful throw pillows. The recliner, however, reclines, and the middle folds down with a tray for food and drink(though with a new couch I am not sure that is a good thing!!). I think the material on it may be a bit better, too. Not leather, but a different type of microfiber. The color does not thrill me, but I could probably put a throw on it to brighten it up!!!

In other news...... I went through my closet and purged it of a few things. Same with my drawers. They are more manageable now. I will do it again when I take out my Spring clothes(I will take inventory of what I am wearing and not wearing) and again in summer. I think at every season I will do this. Just trying to become more clutter free!!

What do you have trouble throwing out?

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PixieDust said...

I seem to have trouble throwing anything out. I don't like all the clutter lying around at the moment, but most of those things are very precious to me *sigh*