Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spicing Up My Life

Since my New Year's Resolutions have failed I am making Spring Resolutions. Since Spring is a time of rebirth I think it is more appropraite to make resolutions then.

My resolution is to be more bold. Not in personality, but in how I live my life.

I have always liked bright colors and I am trying to incorporate them back into my life. I started by getting my fabulous hot pink carry on bag for traveling. I think it is going to double as my church bag so I can get more use out of it.

As I go through my house and think about what I want to do design wise and what I want in a future home, I am learning that my style is bold. Contemporary and retro at the same time. I do not like the country or traditional look. I want things to look fresh and unique.

I am also rethinking the color scheme of my livingroom. I originally wanted the base color of my livingroom to be blue, but in my search for a couch I am leaning more towards black, which is what I have now. However, I do not want a solid black couch. I am very much leaning towards the sectional we looked at yesterday(though we have a bunch more stores to look at). The accents will continue to be red, orange and yellow and just a little blue, since it is in my big picture on the wall. I may also go with blue curtains. Eventually I want our master bedroom done in blue, though and that may be where the curtains go. We'll see. When we finally buy a house I want blue carpet in the livingroom, too. That is a dream of mine.

I have been warned, also, that microbiber attracts animal fur so I may be trying to convince my hubby that leather is the way to go, even though he does not like leather. Or we could just be very vigilant with Scout on the couch and put something down for him to lay on that is soft as he seems to like that.

I am also introducing more bright accents in my clothing. I have recently taken to wearing a pair of bright pink flats I have had often and the long pink skirt I bought at Burlington Coat Factory in California. I think I am going to try to find some more long flowy skirts as I love them. I also bought a pair of red shoes as a friend of mine said she was under the personal belief that all women should own at least one pair of red shoes and I agreed with that philosophy. They were under $5.00 too!! I always try to wear jewelry, too.

I am also going to try to be more bold in my cleaning and organizing of my home. I desperately want to declutter, but I get attached to many things or think I will use them eventually. I am going to be more vigilant and if it is stuff that is not being used(like my bread machine) or worn, then I am going to get rid of them. I already do this with books -- if it is something I do not think I will like reading again I give it away for someone else to enjoy. I have my collections and will keep those things, but if it is something of function or something that does not appeal to me, I am going to get rid of it. Really.

So that is my Spring Resolution. Be more bold. In an understated way!!

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PixieDust said...

I too always disappeared into the background in my plain colours, my way not to stand out as much and draw attention. And then I left school... Basically my home and wardrobe is filled with beautiful bright colours, even some colours I never thought I would use. And it makes me feel good :)