Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Staff Duty, the Lessest of all Army Overnight Evils

Last post of the night, I swear.

My husband has Staff Duty today and tonight. 24 hours from 9-9. This is when soldiers put in time at the desk at the Battalion Headquarters. Not sure what they do there exactly. The other 24 hour duty is CQ which is where they go to the front desk of the Barracks. That is probably the best because there is a TV and other recreational diversions. My hubby does have his computer with him at staff duty, though.

As far as overnights go, this is the least inconvenient, in my opinion. It is only 24 hours so he is gone one night, he gets a dinner break so we could spend some time together, and he gets the following day off to rest(which sucks if you get Staff Duty on Friday because you get Saturday off anyway and even worse on Saturday because there goes your weekend!!).

We also had an FRG meeting tonight. FRG is Family Readiness Group and it is your support system within the Battalion, Company, etc. right now it doesn't do much, but distribute information, host get togethers for the familes and have meetings(to distribute said info). When the soldiers deploy it is the wives' connection to each other and the means to getting pertinent information. Tonight's metting doubled as our Christmas Party(don't ask), though we had nothing Christmasy. Our FRG leader introduced herself and the Key Callers(I am one of those), the Commander introduced a couple new leaders on the soldier side and we ate. Very simple. I will talk more about the FRG in the future. So far it seems okay(it is what you make of it and we are trying to make it POSITIVE).

TJ was able to join me at the very end. In the meantime I talked to one of the soldiers I know.

Soon I will have a post where you can ask me questions.


Carrie said...

I'll agree, 24 hour duties are definitely the smallest of the Army's evils. Lol. There are so many worse things, and I never understand when people complain about them so much... ;)

I don't know if I've told you this yet, but I am eternally grateful that you explain so many Army acronyms on your blog. It's a lifesavor for me. :)

Robyn :) said...

Oh, you are welcome, Carrie!! I am still learning many of them -- 3 years later!!