Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Much Control or The Continuing Saga of Buying a New Couch

My husband informed me today that his company has instituted the "500 Rule". It means that any purchase made over $500.00 must be cleared with the NCOs first.

You can imagine what my reaction to this was. Not good.

His old unit had this rule. It was a nightmare for TJ trying to buy a car. They would tell him things like the dealership was too close to post or too far. The car was too expensive or too cheap. Not enough miles on it or too many. Etc. I am still not sure how he ended up with the car he did!!! It was expensive and bought close to post.

A car purchase started this new rule as well. Someone bought a new car without telling anyone. I am not sure what the problem was beyond that, but they have decided that all purchases over $500.00 must be approved.

I think this is riduculous. I understand if you are making a major purchase like a home or vehicle or boat. But we are buying a couch. And it will be over $500.00 I have to get that approved?

I feel that the army is overstepping it's boundaries. I guess since they feel that their soldiers are being paid from the army they should know where the money is going.

But I make my own money and do not get paid by the army. I have my own credit card. I have money left to me that was my mom's. I do not believe they can tell me how I can and cannot spend that money.

My major concern right now is if we find a couch we want tomorrow. Nebraska Furniture Mart is 2 hours away. It is not like we can just go back after getting permission here. I told my husband that if we find something he can call an NCO. If they say no I will get on the phone and explain that we are using MY money. I know it is not good to cause trouble for my husband, but I really think that they are overstepping their boundaries here.

If we do not find something tomorrow we are most likely going with the couch we found at Faith Furniture in Manhattan. Our saleswoman will be back on Tuesday. I told TJ he would need to inform his NCOs that one of them was welcome to come with us after work on Tuesday. Heck, they could even drive out to KC tomorrow to approve our choice!!! If that's the game they want to play, then we will play it. On MY terms.

I put up with a lot in the army. Our lives are controlled enough as it is. Most of the time I accept what they say, but this one is very hard. They need to give a good reason. I also feel that my money -- the money i earn from my job or inherit from my mother(and technically it IS my money) should not be any of their business.

So, we will see how this little couch saga of mine plays out. Just wait until I am ready to buy my new Mustang!!!

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