Monday, March 8, 2010

Carry-On Cares(2nd Update)

I can't think of a better title.

Anyway, I thought I would document in pictures what will be going in my carry-on and why. This is just the beginning so check back for updates(I'll post links in my newer posts as well).

First of all, here is my awesome hot pink travel carry on bag from Ebay...

Second, I have my smaller fushia essentials bag...

It will go in my hot pink bag and carry the following....
a book(for entertainment)

a pen(in case I need to write something down)

The following things I will be adding.....
pills to make the flight less stressful, like Ativan

******added******my Ipod which has 2 episodes of the Greatest American Hero and one Charles in Charge(something familiar and enjoyable to watch)

a bottle of water to accompany the aforementioned pills

The reason for the essentials bag(which is really a travel pillow carry bag)is that there may not be enough room under the seat of my first flight on American Eagle for my regular travel bag so I want to have a couple things to keep me occupied and the fuschia bag is the perfect size).

Now for the things that will be in the regular carry-on...

Travel pillow(I can't find the fuschia one!! This is for relaxation), planning notebook(the black and white compiosition book underneath, which has ALL my plans in it),small notebook(for any creative writing I may want to do) and Extreme Dot To Dot with extra pencils(to keep myself busy while I watch DVDs).

Trashy, I mean Gossip, magazines(for pure entertainment)

DVD's(for entertainment)

To be added....
*****picture added*******portable DVD player(to watch the DVD's!!)

camera(I take it everywhere)
maybe some snacks(in case I get hungry).

****The Final Product********

It is not a big bag so I am limited, but that is okay. That was kind of the point.

I will be adding pictures of things I add and on Thursday I should have a post about what is going in my BIG suitcase :)

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PixieDust said...

Lol, love the bag! You seem to be all prepared in terms of entertainment :)