Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chaos For a Couch

Tomorrow our brand new comfy reclining couch will arrive and all will be right with the world. But the drama surrounding getting this couch has been craaaaaaaazzzzyyyyyy.

First was the exhaustive search for the perfect couch, which was well worth it as we discovered each other's tastes and came up with what would suit us both and then found an awesome deal on an awesome couch.

Second was the institution of the $500.00 rule in TJ's platoon the day before we were to find the couch 2 hours away!! Luckily we did not have any problems.

We drove 2 hours to find the perfect couch, but well worth it as we got a great deal and some other stuff :)

But that was not the end.

Now comes the delivery drama. They only deliver out here on Wednesdays. Tomorrow is our day. We were hoping for something in the 3-5pm range. I got a call yesterday morning and was told between 8 and 10 am. That absolutely did not work for me as we are doing state testing at school and is early to ask someone to come over to accept it for us. I was able to change it to a 12-2 window. This still presents problems as I need to help with testing until 12pm, maybe later. TJ is most likely not going to be able to get to come home(though he thinks if there is no other choice he may). A friend is not sure if she needs to be at her own home for something that day(actually she just messaged me and it ooks like she and another friend will be able to come over. Whew)!! They are supposed to call 30 minutes before they come but that doesn't really matter. But we will find someone to be here!!

And the final drama -- my husband decided that since we had gotten the old couches out of here and the new one wasn't here yet it is the perfect time to rearrange our livingroom!! He wanted a different set up. Which involves the couch in the middle of the room(because of the recliners) to break it up into 2 areas. Here is what we did...

Empty corner

Moving the Entertainment Center from our long wall

EC in the empty corner(originally we had an end table there and the couch was under the bridge picture. The love seet was under the window in the opposite corner where the bookshelf is)

Moving the EC over to make room for a fan(and be more centered for when the couch comes in)

Who needs a couch? We have 2 chairs!!!

The couch will go where the reddish chair is and the chair will move to the corner by the window Scout is in(where the bookcase is-- that will move to the right). The sheet draped chair is temporary(maybe) and will maybe stay in approximately the same place depending on how much room there is.

At this point I just want to veg out on the new couch!!! But it will be nice to have a change of scenery in the house, too.

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