Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Color Confusion

My favorite color without a doubt is pink. I absolutely love it. I naturally gravitate toward it, especially when buying clothing and accessories. I have loved pink for a long time. I bought my awesome hot pink travel bag on Ebay and am currently wanting a shiny pink purse from Claire's(can't find an example on line). I am wearing hot pink shoes today.

But red is currently vying for top color in my life. According to my Aunt Norine there is no other color and it does seem to be acting that way for me. It all started with the movie, All About Steve. Sandra Bullock's character wears these fantastic red boots. I wanted a pair after seeing that movie. A friend told me that she believed every women should own at least one pair of red shoes and I liked that. I found myself a pair of flats for under $5.00.

I also wanted a red couch. TJ will not let me because he says it is too bright with our white walls(okaaaaaayyyyyyy). I settled for having red accents in my livingroom. I would also like to have orange and yellow, but red is the main accent.

I bought a red coat. I was also considering a pink or even a baby blue, but they had a red one at Cabelas half price and I fell in love with it.

I am planning on getting a red Mustang within the next couple of years. No other color will do.

I have been told that I look really good in red. Currently I still have more pink clothes than red, though.

I am going to buy a red Snuggie. I will admit that I am a Snuggie Snob and have been adamant about not buying one as I believe it is basically an overpriced robe with sleeves. However, the Books Are Fun people are selling a generic one for only $6.00 and I have this great plan for also using it as a throw on the new couch for Scout to lay on and if I want to use it my side will still be clean and I can hold him while wearing it. Now, if the fake snuggie was blue I would not even consider it!!!

I am not sure how far red will go to take over my life, but I am still true to pink as my favorite.

What are your favorite colors?


PixieDust said...

I also love pink, but recently have developed a liking for all things green. I think I may have a clothing item in every colour you can think of :)

GingerV said...

I love lavender - your background is perfet - my eyes are bad and I have a little problem reading color on color but I do fine with your purple - I am a believer in color and moods - I would say you are a hottie right now - consider painting your dining area or your bedroom walls in red - the dark terra cotta - I think of it as Roman red - loves dining rooms.
in your house you have male spaces and femail spaces - the kitchen, dining and bedroom are feminine and can use feminine colors - the living bathroom and guest rooms are masculine and need masculine colors - neutrals - loved your color post.

Robyn :) said...

Thanks Ginger!! I will keep those things in mind when we someday get our own house. Since we live in post housing if we paint, we have to paint it back to white when we leave and neither of us want to LOL!!

GingerV said...

too bad - your home needs to be your place of comfort whether you rent or its temporary.... wonder if you found a red bed sheet - queen or King size - if you could drape one or two on the wall - then when you leave you can take it with you and just stuff white tooth paste in the rod holes.... no one the wiser.

Robyn :) said...

I could try it. I am trying to get a yellow color theme in my diningroom though :) I would like to try the red sheet in the livingroom, though :) Maybe while hubby is deployed LOL.