Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Couch came and a (Temporary)Room Makeover

The couch arrived yesterday with no drama!!! My husband was home on lunch and my friends came over so I did not have to leave school(though I could have made it home in time!)

Anyway, here she is!!!!

The middle folds down

And there is a built in massager!!!!

We also did a bit of a room makeover and this is how it is looking for now
View from the foyer

From right behind the couch

Corner opposite couch

That end table will be replaced by a long low bookcase at the end of summer

I decided to use the desk chair as a temporary accent chair and placed another pillow on it.
Long wall(the end table will be replaced in April, the bookcase at end of summer)

Corner with old recliner. Scout loves this. And the pillow came with the couch. I fold the blanket up when we have company so there is no cat hair!!

Reading corner
Desk corner(opposite)

The chair and desk are temporary. When I get back from California I will be eliminating most of the clutter.
Scout also loves this chair and this is him sitting with me in it

Side view of couch with Scout's bed and red snuggie

Cat proofed couch!! I knew I'd get red in there somewhere!!

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