Saturday, March 6, 2010

For My Scrapbooking Friend

I want to welcome my newest follower, Amanda. Or I should say me newest "official" follower as she has been following me, but did not have a blogger account.

I have an interesting story about Amanda. I met her because of my blog. In my description I mention I am a scrapbooker. Amanda did a Google(love that city!!) search for anything local about scrapbooking after she moved here and found my blog!! She sent me a message with her email asking about scrapbooking crops and stores in the area and we started talking. For my birthday I mentioned going to Baskin Robbins for an icecream cake and she offered me some gift certificates and so I went over to her house and officially met her :) In person. Next I invited her along to a local crop and after that she invited me on a scrapbooking trip to Topeka(where I met two other scrappy ladies!!). We have since made other scrapbooking trips, gone cropping together AND scrapbooked at her house. And just hung out. She is a very fun and sweet person.

Amanda will have a blog of her own soon so look for that!!

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