Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun and Nasty Surprises in So Cal!!

I arrived safely in California on Friday. We had an hour delay in Manhattan because of surface winds in Dallas(they closed down half the runways). A little bumpy going up and down. The flight from Dallas to California was the smoothest I have ever been on. I had to look out the window a few times to be sure we were actually moving!!

On Saturday we went over to the house bright and early to start working. I made a quick trip to Jamba Juice for a smoothie, then to the bank and the store. My cousin started working on getting the stuff out of the kitchen cabinets for people to look at before we sent them on to Goodwill. She found an incomplete set of pretty China in one. It has pink roses. I thought they were my mom's moms, but my cousin does not remember ever seeing them and I am wondeing if maybe they were my dad's mom's China. It is our mystery China!! When I get home I am going to look at old pictures at my Granny's house to see if it was displayed in the built in hutch in her diningroom. I managed to find a B&N giftcard I had sent my mom and a box of pictures I could not locate last time(she put them in a different closet!!). My friend, Debra, who was the irst friend I ever made at fort Riley and has since PCS'd to Fort Irwin came down to help and singlehandedly cleaned out the office space and a good chunk of the back room!! 4 more cousins came and they all worked on the kitchen and went through some boxes in the livingroom to get what they wanted and then got th rest ready for Goodwill. I did my mom's room.

Debra and I each took 2 loads to Goodwill and then I went back a 3rd and 4th time. Another 2 cousins came and took some furniture. We tagged some more furniture for me and another cousin.

While working on the back room my cousin, Claudia, told me I needed to go through a file cabinet in there. Upon looking throgh folders of old tax records I came across an envelope. This is where the first nasty surprise of the week came in. Inside were 2 pictures of my dad. Naked. I did not need to see that. I am pretty sure my mom took them and I suspect it was for her while she was away on a month long trip(she had alluded before to racy letters that were exchanged at the time). Anyway, everyone got a good laugh out of that and my friend tore them up for me.

With all the help we got most of the house done that day. The next day a couple cousins came back with a truck and trailer to get the furniture they wanted.

On Sunday I went out bummin in the OC with Kim. We went to the Brea Mall for lunch and then down to The Shops at Mission Viejo(I will have another post with pictures). We drove through South Orange County, near where the Real Housewives live(we think). That evening I took my first walk on the Whittier Greenway Trail that goes behind my cousin's house. It is on what used to be an old railroad route. I did 2 blocks and back, making a stop for a 99 cent taco!!

Yesterday I met up with Kim again to go to a scrapbook store and to the La Palma Chicken and Pie Shop. It was like stepping back in time to the 60's or 70's!! It was awesome. After that I went to Santa Ana to Pat and Oscar's for some breadsticks and then back to my cousin's and we had lasagna for dinner(with the breadsticks!!) I went to bed kind of early as well. Oh, and I walked on the trail again.

Then this morning, at 4:04 am I had my second nasty surprise. A 4.4 earthquake!! It woke me up of course. Miraculously about an hour later I was able to go back to bed and asleep for 5 more hours!! I had a feeling there was going to be one while I was out here. And I do not care what anyone says, there is a correlation between the weather suddenly heating up and earthquakes!! Ealier last night, too, I heard some dogs barking and thought maybe they knew an earthquake was coming. It was hours before, though. So I just knew that at some point there would be one!!

After I got up today we went to the cemetery to see my mom's grave and I took roses from her rosebushes. Then we went to lunch at Mimi's. After, we went to the house and got all the tubs and boxs ready for storage and cleaned out what was left in my grabdma's room. We have a whole new box for the Goodwill!! Then we came back to my cousin's house and watched TV. When the weather cooled down I did a 6 block walk(3 down and back) on the Greenway Trail. I also ran a bit.

Tomorrow we are going to Downtown Disney for St. Patrick's Day. I am also planning on going through some paperwork in the late afternoon and walking again on the trail. This time I hope to make it to the famous Whittier train trestle :) It was another block from where I got to today. And hopefully I will have no more nasty surprises!!


Jessica said...

Sorry for your first nasty surprise, but I must admit that it gave me a giggle! When I went through my grandmother's things, I found all sorts of old letters. Several of which were old love letters. I loved them. :) It's amazing what you find and what you find out about people that you didn't know.

Robyn :) said...

I would have preffered an old letter to what I found LOL!!

Sharon said...

Oh ewww! that would have given me the willies! Ecspecially considering my parents have been divorced for almost 2 decades! Sorry you had to see pictures of your dad naked! But, it is a little funny! At any rate, Sounds like things are coming together out there!