Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Fun Continues!!

So where did I leave off? Tuesday? Okay here is what has been going on since...

Yesterday(Wednesday) morning we headed over to Downtown Disney. We did some shopping. I got some more kitchen stuff, souvenirs for friends, and a Build A Bear. Since they did not have any Disney characters I got a bear that that has Mickey heads in his ears and on one foot and the other says Downtown Disney. I got him a Pooh and friends shirt, no pants! This is the first one I have made without TJ, but he was unique. I named him Downtown Brown.

We had Irish cheese platters for lunch then came home and watched soaps. I went over to Whitwood to get an orange cat bed for Scout(1/2 price and I can use the pillow inside on the plane!!) and some Sees candy. Then I went back home and took a long walk/run on the Greenway Trail and made ti to the train trestle and over. Round trip it was 2 1/2 miles. That was it for the day. Oh! We had leftover lasagna and garlic texas toast for dinner :)

Today(Thursday) was very busy and fun! We went into L.A. and drove on jam packed freeways :) Went to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Page Museum and I was able to see an old college friend. She works for there and the Natural History museum and has her office at the history museum, but she had to meet with a client at the Page!! She surprised us by getting us in for free and giving a mini tour and even a behind the scenes glimpse :) Then we explored for ourselves while she met her client. We went souvenir shopping and the guy who rang us up was the store director and sooo nice. He also runs the store at the Natural Hitory museum. If you ever go either place, look for Trino!

We then went to Baja Fresh for lunch and got to just sit and visit for awhile. Then my cousin and I headed over to the Highland Park area of Los Angeles and went to the Galco Soda Stop. A store devoted to all kinds of soda(with some other stuff as well, but the main product is soda!). I was in heaven. I bought Jolt(never tried it before), Sweet Blossom rose soda and chocolate soda. And some candy.

Then we took a scenic drive back through South Pasadena, San Marino, Temple City, Rosemead and South Elmonte, ending with a drive through Uptown Whittier. The we went to my mom's and my cousins came with a truck and helped me move my stuff to storage!! On the way home my cousin and I got In 'N Out burgers and fries. I am exhausted!!

I have a whole day free tomorrow. Originally I was going to go to the beach, but it is kind of far and I am afraid it will tire me out too much(plus I haven't been to the beach without TJ in 3 years and I think it would make me sad). I am just going to go Uptown Whittier, maybe check out the bookstore and new student union at my old college, then go up to Puente Hills(taking scenic Turnbull Canyon Drive) to the mall. I also have a few more little things to take to storage and Goodwill and I have to pack.

It has been nice to have a lot of time for vacation stuff out here :)


Kim said...

Any paperwork get done?

Robyn :) said...

Nope. Taking it to JAG for help