Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Last Magical Day

Here it is as promised -- a recap of my last day in California. And my pictures from the trip are uploading so i can soon start on pictorial recaps.

Anyway, with my wonderful cousin Philip and his dad, Walter, having helped move my stuff to storage on Thursday, I had the whole day to do as I liked.

My first stop was Goodwill with just one last load. Then I went by my mom's church to donate some food from her pantry. Then I went back to the house. First I cleaned up some spilled change in the trunk. A neighbor came by to look at the house to see if he would like to pursue buying it when I put the house up for sale. After that I headed over to UHaul with the last stuff to put into storage. Then I went up to the UPS store to ship some things. After that I took a beautiful drive over Turnbull Canyon Drive to go to the Puente Hills Mall. I took a detour to go to the Donut Hole, first. Then I planned a drive back over Brea Canyon Drive, but the traffic was horrendous just getting into Rowland Heights, so I turned around and took a scenic drive through La Habra Heights and the East Whittier Hills. I ended up at Whitwood for Tony's Pizza one last time and to order an edible arrangemnet for my cousin. While eating my pizza I tried to decide what i wanted to do next. i decided to just drive and see where I ended up.

Oh my, did I have one crazy long drive!! I first decided to go over by the Fullerton Barnes and Noble. I kept going and decided I wanted to take a drive over Carbon Canyon Drive, but it was backed up so I turned around and decided to follow Bastanchury road to the end. Imagine my surprise when I found they extended it into the Yorba Linda Hills!! I drove around until I could go no further. I came out unto Yorba Linda Drive and then took that to the 91, which I took over to Imperial. I took that over the Anaheim Hills into Orange. I then decided to take a drive on Santiago Canyon Drive, one of the most beautiful drives ever!

So I am driving on that and trying to decide my next destination when i see a sign that tells some of the cities up ahead or if I turn left. One of them was Coto de Caza. Do you know who lives in Coto de Caza??? The Real Housewives of Orange County!!! I had to see that city. So I ended up in Trabuco Canyon, which I thought I had never been in before(incredibly beautiful drive, with some real hairy turns!!), but I passed a monastery I believe I have been to before with an old boyfriend(unless there is another one in the hills of OC), so I maybe had been up there.

Anyway, I finally found Coto de Caza, but guess what? It is a gated community!! Which I originally thought but Kim told me it was an unincorporated area of the OC. apparently it is a gated unincorporated area!! Unless there was another entrance, but I was not feeling like looking. So I then drove through Rancho Santa Margarita and ended up on El Toro Road(which is also Santiago Canyon!!) and I took that to the 5. I took that to 405 and got on 133 south which is another beautiful drive. I soon found out that if I stayed on El Toro Drive I would have hit that road!! Duh. So I took 133 down to Laguna Beach.

That's right. I ended up in my favorite city in the world. I went to the beach and stood in the freezing cold ocean. Then I went home.

It was the perfect ending to my trip.


Anonymous said...

I got lost after the road changed names. Of course, I could get lost in a paper bag.

Laugh, but I jest not.

You paid me such a compliment...wow. You'd really hang that photo in your living room?
I'm honored.

Thank you.

If you would keep my name (smaller than what it is on my blog) on it, I'd be happy to email you the photo, and you could get it printed somewhere - no charge from me.

Robyn :) said...

Oh absolutely Jennifer!!! The accent colors in my livingroom are red, orange, and yellow and that picture is perfect. Plus, I love flowers :) And it is special because it is by someone I know. I would certainly keep your name on it so people know where it comes from!

Anonymous said...

:) I'll send it to you straight-away!

I think it's awesome you'll have it...I cannot tell you how honored I am. Thank you! :)