Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Movie Magic

While at the video store yesterday I happened upon a movie I had never heard of called I Hate Valentine's Day. It was on the New Release wall so it must have been recent(upon investigation I have found it came out last July). I suspect it may have been an independent film that wasn't received too well.

I really wanted to see this movie based on 2 things... the stars.

Nia Vardalos and John Corbett. They are also the stars of one of my all time favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I was excited to see them together again.

I absolutely fell in love with this movie. It is really cute. It is about a woman who loves romance, but not relationships. She believes you should only be with someone for 5 dates, then end it. She meets a guy whom she tries to teach her philosophy, but they end up falling for each other. Predictable, yes, but the combination of these two is irresistable(sp?). It is very rare that I find a movie I like so much that I really want to buy it and watch it over and over again(I am going to be thrifty, though, and wait to see if the video store sells one of their copies cheap). I highly recommend this if you liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding and romantic comedy.

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