Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have added a couple pictures to my Carry On Post as well.

I also packed the BIG suitcase the last minute!! Earlier I had to make a Walmart trip for a couple things like scrunchies, liner socks, Cheetos and a St.Patty's Day shirt.

Anyway, here is the staging area...

Yes, you do see plates there. I was going to bring them for my cousin, but they ended up making my suitcase too heavy!!

Toiletrie bag

Liquid stuff in bottom compartment in case they leak

Jewelry and hair organizers

Packed suitcase(before I took the plates out. They were wrapped in clothes)

I am all ready now to go. Not sure I will be doing any blogging during the trip, but I will try to do Twitter updates which you can see over on the side. I also post on Facebook, but right now my phone is not letting me get on internet!! It says it is doing updates. Whatever.

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