Monday, March 8, 2010

Pre-Trip Preparations

So, even though i do not leave until Friday, I like to prepare for my trips early. This is what I am doing tonight......

Found a storage unit online. Think I will be going with UHAUL as I need to rent a truck from them, too. I figured it would be easiest to have it all in one place. I need to ask TJ about the size.

Going to do laundry. Need to start figuring out what clothes I want to bring(aside from shorts and capris!!) and set them aside. Also need to put away winter clothes and break out the Spring!!

Packing my carry-on. I want to make sure I have all I want for the flight. I will do a post on this.

Downloading tunes for my Ipod. Have not done this for awhile so I am going to get a few things.

Cleaning up a bit in the craft room, especially since I have things in my hot pink carry-on bag that need to be put away so I can use it!! I also want to get a couple St. Patty's Day stuff made before I leave.

I have been sorely distracted by Gilmore Girls and a car chase. I am on track now. Got a movie playing(Everybody's Fine) and TJ and I also did some dishes. So I am right on track and being productive :)

Any trip tips?

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