Friday, March 5, 2010

Remembrance at the Friday Photo Shootout

I have been behind one day all week so I didn't realize it was Friday so soon!! LOL. I am home early, though, as it was a half day today. So I am going to do my Shootout post!!

The theme is Remembrance. Technically I could have used ANY picture as I take photos to remember things, but I am going to focus on memorials.

First we have the Steamboat Arabia Museum in KC. The Steamboat Arabia sunk on a river voyage north.

There were no human casualties, miraculously, but a horse was lost. Plus all the wares the boat was carrying. The river over the years dried up and a cornfield was plnted there. Explorers found it beneath the cornfield. The wares were in airtight barrels, miraculously preserved in near perfect condition. You can view them and the history at this museum. It is quite fascinating.

Next we have a Spring snowman, who unfortunately did not last very long.

He was the first snowman I ever made.

These next ones are actually from my town!!!

Kansas Vietnam War Memorial in Heritage Park in JC.

Gulf War Memorial

Veteran's Ceremony on 4th of July(carrying a wreath to be placed on memorials)

Law Enforcement Memorial

I will end this post with a picture of me and my mama. She passed away last November. Yesterday would have been her and my dad's 35th wedding anniversary and for the first time in nearly 20 years they were able to celebrate together again :)


SOL said...

Great shoot-out! I enjoyed looking at your photos.

Ann said...

up in the skies, there is a joyful celebration for your mum and dad.

The boat story is very interesting, poor horse. He goes down to History as the sole casualty.

Chef E said...

Awww the horse! Also as much as I have been sick of the snow lately, well now seeing the dwindling snow man...I kind of wish 'Frosty' could have hopped on that train to the north pole!

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

~JarieLyn~ said...

The boat story is fascinating and I just love that snowman and I got such a kick out of the photo of the aftermath of the melted snowman. It made me laugh and I thought it was very clever of you.

Nice rememberance of the veterans of war. Great photos.

Look up and smile at your mom. I'm sure she is looking down at you and smiling back.

GingerV said...

I enjoyed your story the history of the steamboat most of all - maybe some day I will see this museum.