Monday, March 1, 2010

Visiting the Vet with Scout

Today my cat, Scout, will be guest blogging for me with a story about his trip to the vet. Here is Scout.....

Hello mes amies!!! It is Scout and I have a story for you.

Last Thursday I went to the vet. Well, all week Mommy kept saying something about going, but I just ignored her. Then, she was home one day and we had a perfectly nice morning of sleeping in, then working in the craft room and laying in bed watching TV when she announces that it is time to go. Then she and Daddy stuffed me in my carrier and made me go in the car!!! I hate the car. Even riding on Mommy's lap in the carrier. But then we stopped at the housing office and just dady went in. Mommy had opened the back of my carrier and was petting me and I took advantage and got out!!! Then she had the audacity to try to stuff me back in!!! I resisted and she let me stay out in the front seat. Then Daddy came back and HE tried to stuff me in, but Mommy said it was okay and she let me sit on her lap the rest of the way!!!! That wasn't so bad. I let them put me back in before going into the vet.

It was a new vet and I was scared at first, but as soon as we went in a very black and white cat came out to greet me. While in the waiting room a nice dog came in, too, but did not bother me. Then another cat came out of the back on a leash and she hissed at me!!! I didn't like her. Then they called me back and I got to get out of the carrier to get weighed. I am 9 1/2 pounds!!!! Then we went into a room and they took my picture!!! I got to explore while Mommy answered questions. I got to sit in a chair next to my Daddy. Then the doctor came in.

Her name was Dr. Ebert and she was very nice except she stuck me with a needle to draw blood!! Then she gave me 2 shots(rabies and distemper). Then she checked the test she took with the blood and gave me another shot(Lukemia)!!! I got sleepy after that. They also said I have to have something called dental work and that has something to do with my teeth.

On the way home I saw where Mommy works!!

All in all, the vet wasn't too bad. I could have done with out the carrier and shots, though.

Now it is time for me to go outside. After Mommy gives me something called Revolution.


Carrie said...

Haha. It looks like our blogs were in synch yesterday. ;)

I'm glad Scout made it out of the vet's without too much of a fuss. I'm scared to death of taking Max. :/ Poor thing. He has to have so many vaccinations before the move.

Robyn :) said...

You never know how they aregoing to act. The worst thing for Scout is going in the carrier and car. Other than that he does just fine. I have been able to board him with no problem either.

Now, I once had a cat who was freaked out by cages and would turn psycho!!! Seriously, he would scream and hiss. They said it was like he had bad anxiety LOL

PixieDust said...

Ah shame poor baby. I hate taking an animal to the vet. My one rat had to go and the vet took a small skin scraping from her tail. She was sitting so still but screaming at the same time. I was almost in tears :(