Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventures in Crafting

Let's take a break from deployment posts, shall we?

Lately I have been really getting my craft on. I discovered that I can sew a pretty decent pillow. Or seat cushion. From a simple pattern. One day I will show you. I made a pillow for my bed and then one that doubles as a seat cushion for scrapbooking crops. It has cupcakes on it as Cupcake is my "scrapbooking" name. I also just completed 2 seat cushion pillows for outside. One is ladybugs and the other is a retro pattern. I have a few others just waiting for stuffing and then finish being sewn up. It is going to be a variety as there was a bunch of cute fabric at Hobby Lobby and Joann's. I also have plans for bigger ones for my big patio chairs I was going to sell until I realized I could make new cushions for them!! I have my eye on some 50% off Hawaiian shirt fabric!! I eventually want to some for the diningroom, too, for the chairs I am bringing from my mom's.

Another big craft thing in the works is a crop this Sunday!!! I am super excited, but not prepared at all!! I am currently trying to clean my craftroom so I can get stuff organized for the crop. I do have some pictures to do layouts from and I also want to make some Thank You cards for teachers and maybe some baby cards(I have a few things to use). I also can't wait to see all my scrapping buddies. We have so much fun when we get together. I believe we also have so many of us going that we will take up 3 tables!! It will be the party tables LOL.

I promise I will have pictures up here soon.

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