Sunday, April 11, 2010

Better Than On TV

Yesterday was absolutely awesome. I got to sleep in, got both bathrooms cleaned and had a date night.

TJ went on a HOG ride to Woodbine while I stayed home and cleaned, but by the time he got home I was showered and almost dressed to go out to Manhattan.

I wore my red heels :) So worth the aching feet!!

First we went to the mall to pick up our curtains from Penney's. We also stopped in Sears and got TJ a small drill set, a tool box and for me a hand blender(only $20.00 -- the cheapest I have ever seen one). After shopping we went to Old Chicago for dinner. We had a soft pretzel appetizer with spicy mustard and garlic parmesan cheese dip. For dinner TJ had spaghetti and meatballs and I had a house salad and a side Caprese salad.

After dinner we went to Home Depot(which we were slightly overdressed for) to get paint cards(no, we are not painting, I use them for other things) and look at patio chairs. Then it was off to the McCain Auditorium at K-State. Since we arrived super early we had time to walk around a bit and see a small part of the lovely campus. I would love to go to school there. It reminds me a lot of my alma mater with the very old buildings mixed in with the retro modern ones of the 60s.

Then it was showtime!! Who did we see?? Why Joel McHale of NBC's Community and E's The Soup! While I am not a fan of Community, I do love The Soup, basically because of Joel. He is so funny. Since I had never seen him do stand-up, I did not know what to expect. I hoped he was good.

He did not disappoint. Joel McHale doing stand up is even funnier than on The Soup!! There is a couple of things that make him so great. First of all, he talks about the shows they make fun of on the Soup as well as the celebrities and psuedo celebrities. He also has some great material about his son, Eddie. What also impressed me about Joel is that he did his research before coming to the area. He talked about K-State and even KU. He had mentioned looking up stuff on Wikipedia before coming. He also noticed all the controlled burns on farms when flying in and joked about that. Not just once, but he would throw it in continuously. he also did a little question and answer at the end. He interracted with the audience a lot, which is what good comedians do. He could have just had his regular material and gone with that and had been funny, but he really took the time to personalize the show to K-State and Kansas. If you ever get a chance to go see him, I highly recommend you do. Whether you are a fan of The Soup or not.

How was everyone else's weekend?

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Kim said...

Oh....Mine was interesting.... Will have to tell you about it sometime. You had fun!